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Conversations With My Anus Imagine parts of your body carrying personalities of their own. This personality cannot only split from what you consider yourself, but can speak. The question is, when this happens, are we hearing something new, or are we just ‘making it up? 11/30/18
COVID-19 and Your Stomach To develop a relationship with your stomach, get beyond the notion that your stomach is there to serve your needs. 04/16/20
COVID-19: Hypnosis for Your Lungs Hypnotizing your immune system might prevent it from filling your lungs with water. You can say that’s ridiculous, but hypnotism can do some amazing things. 04/05/20
COVID-19: Hypnosis for Your Lymphatic System Enhance your body’s recuperative efforts during sleep by deepening your interoceptive sense of the autonomic processes of your lymphatic system. 03/19/20
Cultivating Mind-Body Health Health is not what you have in life, it’s what you do with life. 05/12/19
Focused Rhythm Focus your attention on your hands, and let them relax. Let them grow large in feeling, and feel a wave unfold from your shoulders, past your upper arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and into your hands. 03/27/17
How To Be A Better Mother Stop breaking apart dysfunctional families and, at the same time, stop accepting them. 03/27/17
How Wise is the Body? Trauma is a more common mind-body impediment than we realize. 01/06/22
Hypnosis and COVID-19 Our lymphatic system is an uncharted frontier. Yet in this system resides the seat of our immunity, deep connections with our central nervous system, and indirect connection with our intentions. 10/09/20
Imagination Psychedelics, extreme somatic experience, and natural altered states of creative immersion are authentic paths to change. 03/24/21
Interoception I will write a book called Introspection that will encourage readers to explore new perceptions within their bodies. 01/07/20
Interoception-The Colon ($) An introduction to proactive interoceptive training, and training of the large intestine.
Liver and the Lack of Sleep I have created a guided visualization to connect you with your liver. The purpose is to gain a perception of yourself and your environment viewed from a place where clarity and purity are paramount. 02/10/19
Monsters and demons are inside you, and you can do something about it As a race, we’ve made no progress in containing our monsters because we lack the skills to face them. 10/26/22
Origin of Chronic Illness and the Nonsense of Medical Hypnosis The origin of chronic illness lies in the struggle with our emotions. More specifically, the conflict between the controlled person we have created ourselves to be and the emotions inside us. 12/25/18
Science and Memory in the Body Different parts of our body have their own personality and memory. Memory works when the attitudes and objectives of these parts are in harmony, and it fails when there is discord. 11/05/16
Sex Addiction ($) We live in a society that celebrates sexual sobriety, indulges in sexual excess, and endorses sexual perversity. 09/15/21
The Body Electric: Circuits Becoming aware of your body gives you better control, and with that control you can better maintain your health. We miss a lot of control simply for lack of trying. 09/22/16
The Body Electric: Circuits 2 Becoming aware of your body gives you better control over your basic functions, and participation in them. Current: defense and repair; Frequency: sustenance and awareness; Resonance:… 09/28/16
The Worlds Inside You ($) There are things we can think about and there are things we cannot. Awareness is an outpost at the boundary. 10/13/21
Trauma and Healing ($) You must take an active role in your existence or you will not exist. This is the ultimate “use it or lose it. 12/23/21
Why Do We Judge Normal According to Behavior, But Sanity According to Thoughts? ($) It is one thing to separate church and state. It’s quite another to separate spiritual meaning and behavior. 01/18/23


Beginning With Networks I’m interested in networks because I suspect they can describe aspects of nature beyond mathematics and sentences. 11/10/19
Behavioral Education If we can embrace all our flaws and inabilities, and take these into account when we design our environment, we can create a much better world. 07/29/19
Blue Ocean Emotion – 1 Emotional intelligence should require a measure of positive outcome: how much and for whom. Self-awareness and emotional experience are completely different. 01/01/20
Blue Ocean Emotions – 2 Emotional Intelligence requires feeling, not intellect. It’s the manipulation of emotion that’s done using awareness. 01/15/20
Blue Ocean Emotions – 3 As the foundation of your ability to see holistically, emotions are an essential ingredient of any viable notion of intelligence, not a separate notion of intelligence. 01/29/20
Blue Ocean Networking How networks can create a way of measuring, and how this measurement can evolve as a network changes. 12/11/19
Blue Ocean Shoals The different skills of non-reductive, systems thinking are aspects of a single approach that’s integrated into the single term “resonance.” 12/04/19
Creativity and Corporation The creative process is something unto itself and, like love or excitement, it does not aim for resolution… Real creation is, at some level, self-creation and the tragedy of an idea’s failure is a personal one. 10/02/19
Doing One’s Business Human beings are pathological in the literal sense: personal logic is always distorted. But peoples’ logic is more distorted when they act in groups. 09/10/19
Evolution’s Choice When it comes to your health, winning seems the imperative, and it seems one must win at all costs. This is rarely true; it is rarely the case that your fate is sealed and you must play the game set before you. 04/18/19
Happiness, Failure, and Grace As Peter Drucker indicates, happiness, like money, comes when the system is working. You don’t aim for the money and you don’t aim for happiness, you aim to make the system work. 10/29/19
Healthy Business, Healthy Mind If your actions are motivated by gratitude, honesty, and a desire to be of service then you probably won’t perpetrate aggression on others. 09/17/19
Hypocrisy as the Path to Success It takes a good sales pitch for new ideas to prosper. New ideas are pressured to pursue a path of happy promises. 02/12/20
Inspiration Above Motivation You have an inner voice, but it will not argue with you. It will not compete for your attention. 01/20/21
Research Coaching Horizontal thinking generates inventions, but studying its success does not tell you how to do it. Creativity can be taught, we just don’t do it. 08/11/19
The Assembly of Mind Your mind is a collective but you don’t see it as a collective. You can’t see the parts because the parts are doing the seeing. We are fascinated to look at ourselves because it helps us imagine what we are. 10/15/19
The Veil of Sanity I believe happiness and success are dispensable accessories to spiritual balance. You don’t need either, and their pursuit is a distraction. 10/23/19
The Virtues of Advertising Advertising is a like fishing. It’s a process of watching people’s habits, and inferring something about how they think. Here are interesting results. 04/16/19
Your Fabricated Personality Enlightened people live close to their weakness, while those those with unflagging strength are often dull minded. Why is this? Is enlightenment a weakness and stupidity a strength? 04/17/19


ADHD #1: Introduction My research came together only after I traced the history of the “disorder.” I put the word disorder in quotes because, as it turns out, ADHD does not exist and never did. It has been 01/24/13
ADHD#2 : The Definition of ADHD Previous to 1980 overly active or inattentive students were considered traumatized, delinquent, depressed, learning disabled, ill-fed or over worked, emotional, specially endowed, minimally brain damaged, or simply different. 01/24/13
ADHD#3 : Doctors and Professors Here is my guide to doctors and professors. Phd: you learned how to do basic research. MD: you know how poorly people take care of themselves. Professor: you are a tool. 2 PhDs: you need help finding your identity. 01/24/13
ADHD#4 : Pharmaceutical Corporations My analysis of ADHD takes a broad view. The first installments in this series consider the major institutions, starting with Doctors. We’ll now consider pharmaceutical companies. 01/24/13
ADHD#5 : Schools, Part I Schooling for children is a confluence of social policy, personal preconceptions, historical revision, and deep politics. People think they understand how these schools affect students, communities, and society. I don’t think they do. 01/24/13
ADHD#6 : Schools, Part II The state rewards schools for consistency and conformity in their product, and economy in their operation. These criteria are applied to students through regimented programs, approved classes, like-minded teachers, and national test standards. 01/24/13
ADHD#7 : Schools, Reprise ADHD is an institutional fiction supported by pharmaceutical companies, governments, therapists, schools, and parents to get around the social taboo against institutional mind control. ADHD accomplishes this by labeling the targets as biologically defective. 01/24/13
ADHD#8 : Parents Parents are polarized in their attitudes about ADHD in ways that reflect their segregation into education-oriented camps. On the one hand child-focused education enables kids who would otherwise be labeled as ADHD, on the other… 01/24/13
Blowing In The Wind Human civilization will not continue its unsustainable trajectory. Technology will not rescue what doesn’t work. During the transition, we’ll encourage thinking. 02/16/21
Cherish the Irish… Too much to say, too little time, so I have no choice but to start by asking why is it that so many Irish males are total assholes: unfaithful, dishonest, and unreliable. 01/24/13
Conspiracy Theory and the End of the Enlightenment What happens when the notion of truth and fact are deposed by propaganda and the manipulation of information? … Conspiracy theories reject politically dictated reality and signal a return to inductive thinking… 01/24/13
COVID-19 Chronicles As small as you may think you are, you are not small because these system are not entirely stable, and that’s what your mind is for: to guide these systems. You are the intelligence in the machine. 06/17/20
COVID-19, Future Visions I have created a hypnotic visualization called “Locksmith” that explores the idea that our mind has the power to affect our membranes. 05/06/20
COVID-19, Rethinking the Implausible Hypnosis is not “mind over matter,” it’s mind in matter, working through the mind’s ability to have some effect on the health and metabolism of your organs. 06/06/20
COVID-19, Time to Look Around Being informed is not your right, it’s your responsibility. Take responsibility by using both original sources and your own body’s own wisdom. 04/30/20
COVID-19: Become An Activist There is no one truth that fits all, but there is one truth that no group will announce, and that’s your truth. Become an activist. 03/25/20
COVID-19: Frontline Doctors Clinical medicine is being shut down in favor of institutional medicine in the treatment of COVID-19. 07/28/20
Covid-IQ, Are You Intelligent? Covid is the social thought and conditioned response, including the rejection of it and the academic discussion around it. It’s all conditioned and predictable. 11/03/21
Cyber Warriors, Kids, and Elves This essay investigates the challenges that video game marketing encounters when selling the pleasures of playing virtual war… with the goal of insulating … virtual war play from … the worldly violence unfolding in Iraq. 01/24/13
Dreams and Tyranny ($) A tyranny of the press, a corruption of medicine, and a perversion of public health is corrupting science and the democratic process, and most people don’t recognize it. 11/20/21
Evolve Change Revolution If we don’t approach change correctly, we can’t make it happen. If you want to make better changes, you need a better understanding of how things change. 07/12/17
Family Reunions ($) Don’t waste an opportunity by insisting your family reunion be a happy social affair. 12/29/21
Four Truths of Death ($) Understanding communication can help you find wisdom. 01/19/22
From Christmas to Santamas A hypnotic exploration of Christmas as a modern shamanic tradition. 12/23/20
Hunting For Family Ranging through coming­-of­-age stories, which I read to my son, I find so many orphan stories. They’re not just kids who lost their parents, they’re kids who never had any. Why are there so many? 07/29/16
Kids, Get Your Killing Fun Today The military entertainment complex is an old phenomenon that binds Hollywood with the US military. Known as militainment, it serves both parties well. 01/24/13
New Children Will Fight the New Wars The new direction of war, of which you are already partly aware, is essential to better understand the Hollywood/military connection, and the financial/military connection. 01/24/13
Paying Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain In April 2009, Gerald Celente wrote, “Wall Street controls our financial lives; the media manipulates our minds. These systems cannot be changed from within. There is no alternative.” 01/24/13
School as a Weapon & Covid-19 Covid-19 has made a global appearance at a time when world culture is entering a stage of uncertain contraction. 08/30/21
Speaking with Different Minds ($) The Covid-19 situation is no longer a pandemic, it’s a social delusion. 10/13/21
Survivalist Mentality While stopping short of wearing tin hats we’ve been asking survivalist questions. It’s not a comfortable mentality but we’re trying to be reasonable and prudent… 01/24/13
The Benefits of Hysterical Thinking I’ve written a book on COVID-19 which is a combination memoir, analysis, suggestion, and indictment. It suggests you reappraise the information being fed to you. 07/23/20
The Falling Apart of Things Things are not good, but no one near the top of the pyramid wants to admit it. The popular press and their “trusted voices” paddle public opinion toward complacency and happiness. Why? 01/24/13
The Holy € “police stumbled upon … 47 binders containing private communications exposing the opaque inner workings of the secretive Holy See. They included financial documents, details of money transfers and confidential internal reports…” 01/24/13
The Sound of One Shoe Clapping Global enterprises not responsible to anyone outside of themselves, and not responsible on any time-frame except their own, cannot self-regulate because they lack feedback. And this creates instability in the system as a whole… 01/24/13
This Is What Conspiracy Really Looks Like Conspiracy usually start at the top, not in the caves of Afghanistan. Stop looking for villains and start looking more closely at controlling institutions, whose interests are being served and how. 01/24/13
Tomorrow’s Web, and Why This post was written in 2013. Now, 6 years later, its predictions are coming to pass exactly. 02/03/13
Until the Culture Changes… I had always felt antipathy to the study of history but I think I have been confused. What I think of as history is the rewritten whitewash I’d been fed in school. 01/24/13
Viewing the Police State: New York and Vancouver Island Compared Comparing New York with Vancouver Island, British Columbia provides a compelling contrast of police-enforced social engineering in the USA and Canada… 02/11/14
When Science Doesn’t Work It finally appears that research is focusing on a proper theory, protocol, and test for the use of HCQ against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This was almost quashed by political infighting and institutional ignorance. 08/03/20
Where There Be Angels As long as I have new ideas I will never know who I am but only imagine who I could be. 04/24/16
Who Is the Shadow Government? As long as people remain reductive, dependent, and uninformed, the very concept of a shadow government that controls us will remain incomprehensible. And that is how it is now. 01/24/13
With the People, From the People, and In Spite of The People The standard line is that we live in a democracy controlled by the electorate. Aside from the fact that we are not supposed to be living in a democracy – a democracy is a mob 01/24/13
yi Luv Twttr and #itsucks Marketing and sales plays a crucial role as the glue that connects the big structures to the small consumers. Marketing and sales is the mucosal lining of civilization’s intestines. Now something huge is happening… 12/07/18


Covid is a Food Pandemic ($) The covid-19 virus is a symptom, the cause is defective food. 11/10/21
Good Vibrations and Gut Feelings I’ll pass on two interesting results relation to neurofeedback: how electrical vibrations influence perceptions, and connections between the brain and the stomach. There is a nervous system associated with our gut that is thought to 01/24/13
No More Fish For You! Given that the disaster at Fukushima nuclear reactors has introduced the radiation equivalent of 14,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs, what has this done to our health? There are two ways to answer this question. 12/30/13


Dreams and Foggy Thinking Dreams are a way of thinking different from that of our conscious mind but not formless or lacking in goal. We can navigate closer to the well-spring of our thoughts. 07/15/20
Dreams For Life Dreams are your peek into the solar system of your personality. They are a dynamic astrology in which you can play a role. This is the goal of dreamwork. 07/06/20
Interpretation of Dreams Reality consists of our assumptions about things we have not experienced. We fill in the blanks by social contract, seeing the same things in a world of which we’re mostly unaware… 11/21/17
Season of Dreams Living systems, like us, engage our environment. We interact, express, modulate, and are modulated by our environment… We are not just ‘subject to’ or ‘creatively imagining’; we do both. Their combination is how we control our world… 04/02/18
The Purpose of Dreams It may be correct to say that the first and last step in becoming a master craftsman of the mind is recognizing the fluid nature of reality. It is both a prerequisite for playing a constructive role in developing your identity, and it is a powerful tool for reshaping your dreams. 08/10/20
Tuning Your Dreams I can teach you how to wake up. It’s the way to fulfillment, but the path won’t be clear. Therapeutic dreaming is a process of waking up. 11/22/20
What Are Dreams? Half of understanding your dreams rests on how well you know yourself, the other half on what you hide. 07/01/20


Agile Self Management ($) Managing a project is the same as managing one’s mind. 07/04/18
An Unusual Awareness I’m feeling the panic, I have a situation, I have a resolution, but I don’t have a conclusion, and I’ve run out of time. Here is what I do in my hypnopompic state: I begin by sitting with it and then I go beyond that. 09/11/19
Becoming Lucid Over the years I’ve read much about lucid dreaming, but I’ve been frustrated that it’s mostly portrayed as an amusement park ride. Surely, there has to be more to it than spectacle and entertainment… 07/04/18
Consilience: Reason and Emotion Final chapter of “COVID-19: Illness and Ecology, an hypnotic exploration.” A lesson in the reconciliation of opposites and the shepherding of resources. 06/22/20
Empathy I – Learn Empathy Can you have too much empathy? Would I like to be more or less empathetic? 12/30/20
Empathy II – Empathy & Emotional Intelligence Start by freeing yourself from institutions. This is exactly counter to the institutional trend that we see in the world today. That is to be expected. 03/31/21
Empathy III – Similarity and Differences Understand that empathy and sympathy are practically opposites and move in different directions. This is the key to learning how to be and use empathy. 04/21/21
Empathy IV – The White Man’s Tongue By becoming more aware and detached, empathy and self-confidence can inform each other. 05/25/21
Empathy V-Ways of Knowing Empathy is more than emotional following along, it’s a transmission. Empathy is a thinking skill. 06/02/21
Empathy VI-Security ($) Empathy building is self-building. It starts with security. 06/09/21
Empathy VII – Thought and Feeling($) There are different kinds of understanding so there must be different kinds of empathy. 08/04/21
Follow The Heart I discovered that someone I briefly met and never worked with was actually closely aligned with me in almost every way. This discovery comes at a time when I’m called to follow my heart 05/24/16
How Do You Feel? You feel by exploring the depth of your emotional repertoire, and you can expand your emotional repertoire. You have not reached life’s contentment because you do not yet know how to create it. 09/08/20
Managing Your Emotions ($) Finding emotions in your body makes a deeper connection than through your mind. 01/13/22
Communicating With Honesty ($) What if you spoke to yourself and yourself answered in a different language? 01/13/22
Therapists, Friends, Lovers, and Beyond ($) Do we really communicate in the realms of the non-conscious? Is chemical bonding a form of stupidity? 04/15/21
Sex and Emotion Are these boundaries good and helpful? Do you believe them? 04/15/21
Why We Fight (Because We Don’t Connect) True engagement happens when you share the same emotion. 04/15/21
Thinking, Time, and Identity Many things come naturally to us, but thinking is not one of them. There are many forms of thinking. We are primarily taught only two: linear and emotional. 03/03/23


Altered-State Therapy ($) Explore altered states of consciousness. Be creative in your thinking beyond what psychedelics enable and regardless of what psychotherapists offer. 01/25/23
Attention and Other Realities Your reality is first where you direct your attention. That’s how you make it real. 02/01/22
Deprivation, Meditation, Psychedelics, and Hypnosis If we put hypnosis and psychedelics together, we can double the map, extend the guidance, and go twice the distance. 09/30/20
Doctors, Nurses & Other Callings ($) How do we see these professions, and how do they see themselves? 11/23/22
Navigating States ($) A person should have a guide or mentor before journeying in altered states. That’s what I’m working on. 08/26/21
No One Understands Psychedelics ($) The scientific literature lacks any comprehensive framework through which we understand psychedelics. 09/08/22
Orientation Before Preparation To prepare for a psychedelic experience, let go of old concepts, problems, and ways of thinking. 01/11/21
Permission Real guidance speaks so softly you will have trouble hearing it. It does not direct you, it supports you. 02/03/21
Preparing For a Psychedelic Experience Let’s use psychedelics to make ourselves more effective in supporting our sanity as individuals and as a species. 08/26/20
Preparing for a Psychedelic Experience: Grounding The first steps in understanding yourself and learning to control your intentions and resilience. 01/06/21
Psychedelics’ Anti-therapeutic Promise Psychedelics are quickly becoming a new drug of promise, not for what psychedelics can do, but for what mental health practitioners want. 10/14/20
Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching, Part I ($) Therapy looks in, coaching looks out, and psychedelics look beyond. 10/14/20
Psychedelic-assisted Coaching, part II ($) Coaching needs to support our whole person and bring all of us forward. 10/14/20
Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching, part III ($) Guarding a doorway carries more responsibility than just keeping watch.
Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching, part IV ($) The client is the prophet, explorer, and scientist; the guide just works the tools. 04/20/22
Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching, Part V ($) A conjoined psychedelic experience. 10/14/20
Psychedelic-Assisted Coaching, VI – Protocols ($) I have heard no one talk about these things… In this environment of oblivion and lack of experience… 10/14/20
Psychedelic Therapy is Wretched Psychology Medicalized psychedelics are a shoe that does not fit. 06/06/22
Psychedelics, Nonlinear Thinking, and Reality ($) You’re afraid of throwing stones because you live in glass houses. Houses that are sufficient for today, but will be insufficient for tomorrow. 09/23/22
The Frequency of Existential Meaning ($) The place to start is with rhythm. That’s the place we always start. 02/16/23
The Preparation for and Integration of the Psychedelic Experience Psychedelics can be a light in the dark territory. They offer direction for training, not a trophy of success. There is real work to do. You still need to do the walking and the thinking.  08/19/20
What Makes A Vision Meaningful? A meaningful vision is one that comes back to us with impact. They all seem to have some enduring mystery, some kind of calling to something I don’t know. 09/23/20
What Psychedelics Can Do The potential of psychedelics is largely determined by what you allow yourself to experience. This is determined partly by your fearlessness and partly by your awareness. 09/02/20
When the Hypnotic State is Normal Hypnotherapists are in a better position than psychologists to explore the positive potential of psychedelics. 05/11/21


Covid Anxiety ($) Restrain instinctive, defensive reactions. Remain thoughtful, open minded, and creative. 01/26/22
Covid Reality Behind the lies and manipulations, the dangers are real. 12/09/21
COVID-19 and Viral Fatigue A review of the viral fatigue syndrome that follows many viral infections. It is suspected to be related imbalances in one’s gut, and suggestions for how to regain this balance. 05/28/20
Knowing More of What’s Going On Fear and reluctance are real, they’re yours, and you must be honest. You must look at what you cannot see. 12/07/22
Instant Enlightenment, Awakening Your States of Mind, Summary Part 1 States of mind underlie our awareness. One’s state of mind represents one’s whole perspective. We perceive a state change in an instant. 10/05/22
Instant Enlightenment, Awakening Your States of Mind, Summary Part 2 ($) Meta-thinking is reflecting on your whole cognitive process: thoughts, emotions and sensations. 10/05/22
Instant Enlightenment, Awakening Your States of Mind, Summary Part 3 ($) To learn this material, break it down. If it has the power that I suggest, it will then sprout of its own accord, like magic beans. 10/12/22
Mental Health, Illusion, and Life in the Metaverse ($) You can’t live a stable life in an illusion, yet most of us wish to. 08/09/22
Sleep, Health, and Power Just as there are many false religions, there are false sciences. There’s a foolproof clue to identifying them: money. 08/09/22
Subscription, Covid, & Impersonal Therapy Pay for the blog. Focus on government. Be thorough. 04/09/21
The Confusion of Being Of or Being In ($) The old mix-up of being IN the world or being OF the world. 06/22/22
Three Forms of Stress Stress comes as tension, compression, or confusion. Each type is different and calls for a different resolution. Consider their differences and their different needs. 03/06/18


Aiming Group Regression Past life regression is the process of creating memories of which you were unaware. To ask if the ‘past life’ actually happened is to miss the point that the memory exists and affects the present. 12/18/15
Autism, Hypnosis, and Frequency Richie first showed developmental irregularities at 18 months, immediately after his vaccination for German Measles. His mother Rose Roughton, a registered nurse with a career in geriatric nursing, feels the vaccination caused acute encephalitis. 10/21/16
Becoming Lucid How do you get what you don’t have? The question of how you become more aware from a less aware state requires something that you do not yet have. This is a healthy spiritual exercise. 08/27/19
Beyond The Hypnotic State Hypnosis is an attempt to extend the limits of intention, to amplify what is sometimes called “the placebo effect” to cause lasting change. 09/28/18
COVID-19: Hypnosis for the New Flu “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger,” said Friedrich Nietzsche. The quackery of medicine and basic things to do to boost your immunity. 03/12/20
Fantasy Regression The simple nature of past life regression, accessible to anyone. 11/27/19
Forgiveness, a Past Life Regression Matile is guarded and distant. I feel no rapport, and I am uncertain how this will work out. I lead her down an imaginary hall of doors “behind each of which lies a significant scene in a significant past life.” She finds a door, opens it, and steps through. She tells me the following story without any further prompting… 08/21/15
Fractal Psychology & Hypnosis Ever since Descartes poked us in the eye with ‘I think therefore I am’ people have been thinking straight, believing in one cause for every effect… but neither people nor the world are straight. 08/30/16
Free Hypnosis I do not reject objectivity, I just don’t believe it, because there is no need to. 04/22/18
Hypnotic Brainwaves Hypnosis is a state of consciousness and a direction of attention; two aspects of the same thing. 12/26/16
Hypnotic Interoception ($) Enhancing our mind-body connection. 10/28/21
Hypnotic Pain Control Hypnosis can be used to reduce pain. Pain comes with sensation, and sensation is particular, so everyone’s pain is a little different. 02/04/18
Hypnotic State One of the often repeated truths of hypnotism is that no one knows how to tell for certain if a person is hypnotized. This seems nonsensical. 08/14/15
Leading Group Regression When I lead a group on a guided meditation to channel a connection to their unconscious I cannot force anyone to follow my story line. 10/06/15
Not Past Not Regression ‘Past Life Regression’ is a brand name that all those who sell it fail to understand. It is not about past lives and it is not about regression—although both of these things can appear. 02/19/16
The Non-Hypnotizable Hypnosis is the study of states of mind that change a person’s health. Being hypnotized means moving into another state. That’s all. Healthy environments involve rich and varied elements providing us with opportunity for change. 07/13/16
We Need More Hypnosis This post is about our essential ability to change state and perception. At its root, this is what hypnosis is: the phototaxis of consciousness. 09/05/19
What is Spiritual Regression? In Spiritual Regression you enter an hypnotic state where you alternate from being alert to being entranced, going back and forth. You are responsive but you are disconnected from the present. 07/26/15


A Call for Ideas The critical idea behind deep nature connection is not nature, it’s connection. Nature is the mirror because nature holds the chaos of the interaction of relevant things. 08/20/19
Becoming Supergenius It’s quite simple: ask deeper questions and find bigger answers. Success is inventing what works for you and avoiding everything else. 02/10/21
Computer Games for Learning Schools teach that the perpetrators of our inequitable economy and injured ecology are not personally responsible. 04/27/21
Drone On Education Colleges and universities are a microcosm in the macrocosm. They are the best representation of scaled down human collective consciousness that I know. 09/07/16
For Love Instead of Money How we gain knowledge through struggle, danger, and fear. Learning in nature in pursuit of engagement. 11/20/19
Lessons That Can’t Be Taught The lesson is that if you do not change and grow yourself, then your lessons will assault you. 05/05/19
Loving, Learning, and the Learning Project All our lives we’re told to develop discernment, exercise judgement, and find the importance in things, but I found scarce few who were doing it. Around 2000 I decided to retrace my steps, and ask those people who were living a committed life what they were doing and why. 11/12/18
Teaching What Teachers Can’t With caution against excessive immersion, action video games can help us learn, focus, and multitask. 05/14/19
Teaching, Learning, Healing I draw a parallel between education and health. I believe teaching oneself and healing oneself are skills that enable one another. 06/10/19
The Chreod to Homeorhesis Some words are useful. These two are. They’re central concepts to understanding systems. So central that it’s enough just to define them. Then, like acidophilus, they’ll colonize your mind. Chreod = Essential Path… 01/24/13
The Radical Notion of Natural Education The Wolf Kids program is an outdoor learning environmental experience. It has little in common with institutional education or the modern teacher-student relationship.I t aims to create a cultural reintegration of individuals, 12/04/15


Memory, amnesia, and your self Memory is not a record of the past, it’s a resource for acting in the present. 06/01/22


COVID-19, Ecology Big and Small Real ecology is a way of being. Humans cannot plan a sustainable ecology until we have a broader awareness of our effects. nature 05/15/20
Relaxation Story And after a while we found ourselves on the racked and dusty, beat-up logging track, crested a hill and dropped our packs above to a briar-choked creek bed. nature 02/24/17
Seeing Stars We talk about the lifetime of a system as the time over which it works, between its beginning and its end, and for stars that shine this is a long time. nature 01/28/17
Sleeping Out Have you ever looked at something without seeing it, only later to find that you were looking at it all the time? Have you not suddenly ‘seen’ your keys or your cup of coffee after having scanned the room for the tenth time? How many times will we look into the dark night sky before we are able to see what’s in front of us? nature 03/16/16
Walk in the Woods Love is hugely misunderstood, but closely related to harmony and balance, and grows from those things. I’ve created an audio file to bring to you some of the ideas and associations that came to me during this walk. nature 09/26/18


Avoid Reflective Listening ($) Communication is the synchrony between brains. 02/17/22
Brain Maps This explains what a brain map is, how it’s used now, and how we might use it in the future. It’s all based on frequency, so that’s where we begin. 01/24/13
Brain Training and Psychotherapy ($) A large part of who we are depends on how our minds work, rather than what our minds think. 12/22/22
Can You Make Yourself Smarter? Computer-based training programs claim to be able to increase your intelligence. Unfortunately the field is filled with questionable research and general ignorance about science, learning, intelligence, and psychology… 01/24/13
Controlling the World and the Speed of Things ($) I encourage my clients to build a solid brain-function foundation, and for this I’m leaning toward easy, brainwave training. 12/09/22
Flimsy Gods: Golems, Cyborgs, Bicycles, and Neurofeedback The cyborg idea is prehistoric and comes out of the use of tools. The notion of our responsible action ranges from the Judaic notion that we’ll never be responsible users of power. 01/24/13
Going Beyond Neurofeedback Frequencies are the form, memory are the contents. Brain frequencies relate to the rhythms of brain processes. 07/13/15
Holotropic Neurofeedback Neurofeedback is not simply a treatment or a means of conditioning, it is a holistic view of optimal function based on self-regulation. Neurofeedback does not have the same objective as clinical psychology. 05/04/14
Peak States and Neurofeedback A peak state is an expansive state of mind that underlies insightful thought and enlightened action. It is roughly equivalent to a state of spiritual awakening. 02/25/14
The Brain Frequency Course I’m offering a free, online, video-based, mini-course on brainwaves. It consists of seven 10-minute videos interspersed with text and sprinkled with links to my related blog posts. 12/03/20


Default Mode Network The DMN is offered as the neurobiological seat of the “ego” in the brain. This sounds great … 03/14/21
Epigenetics & Opportunity Novelty cannot be brought into being by thought alone; disorganization and your responsive to it must be included. 05/20/21


An Entirely Airborne Life Form A long time ago, before I can even remember, I saw a picture of a balloon-like animal conjectured to live in the atmosphere of Jupiter. That image caught my imagination and stuck with me. 02/09/18
Being an Earwig in Astronomy On the proposal that we should think about how we’re thinking before we get too sure about what we’re doing. 08/05/19
How The World Changes In terms of the trends of human behavior, our minds don’t change because of our technology; our minds change when we understand ourselves. 11/12/20
Things that Are But Cannot Be ($) Do we look for sense in the world because it’s sensible, or because we’re wired to understand it that way? 02/09/23
To Be Confused I – Physics Confusion exists on an interesting spectrum. Ultimately, it’s what you decide it to be. 05/04/22


Past Life Regression Therapy Past Life Regression is a technique of self-exploration that goes beyond conscious intentions to deep levels of personal understanding. 01/01/23


Discovering the New World Discover the clarity that emerges from approaching sleep through relaxation, imagination, and emotion. 05/10/19
Our Lack of Sleep Many of the consequences of insufficient sleep are highlighted in Matthew Walker’s 2017 book is titled, Why We Sleep, Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams. The extracts I’m quoting come from his penultimate chapter, “Sleep and Society.” 06/09/18
Poor Sleep is an Addiction For those who want good sleep but won’t put themselves at risk to get it, my sleep class is an iron fist in a silk glove. 04/10/20
Relearning to Sleep You can train your brain to function better during sleep. It’s a process of tuning down habitual tension and separating yourself from habitual conflict. 05/10/19
Sailing the Sea of Sleep Considering the role of your mind in the nature of your sleep. 05/10/19
Sleep Authority, and Why We Don’t Have It One of the paradoxes of sleep is that the harder you try, the less you get. It would seem you are responsible, but lack the authority to procure it. The fundamental rule that authority must come with responsibility doesn’t apply to sleep. 01/03/18
The Path To Sleep I’ve published the book the audiobook The Path to Sleep that leads you through 27 hypnotic meditations to integrate mind and body; paths of attention that underlie your thought patterns. 09/17/17
The Path To Sleep, Published My book “The Path To Sleep, Exercises for an Ancient Skill,” is now in print and available. Listen to a sample chapter: Rhythms in the Body. 12/17/19
To Put You To Sleep Spontaneous fainting, an unexplained phenomenon, is a clue to the nature of consciousness… I guess 30% of us will instantly “faint” with nothing more than a touch and a few quick words. It’s called “rapid induction.” 07/28/18
Tools For Sleep The relaxation necessary for entering sleep is a deep relaxation. It is a thorough relaxation of muscles throughout the body plus a relaxation of the mind. Ideally, this is a learned skill. Surprisingly, it is a skill many people have not learned. 06/05/16
Who Says What Sleep Is? A surge of interest in the consequences of poor sleep has gotten people worried about what is perceived to be a growing epidemic. 05/09/19


COVID-19 and Spirit I don’t make a big deal of it, but I think questions of spirit are questions of meaning, reason, and purpose, and, in this regard, natural science has spirit. 04/08/20
Instant Enlightenment Enlightenment is a natural process for those who can recover their natural abilities. Because you have been led away, many “natural abilities” seem unnatural to you. 07/28/21
Into The Road “You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.”— Bilbo Baggins, from The Lord of the Rings 04/26/19
Perceiving Nature I have wondered about consciousness, journeyed through conformity, and communed with insanity. I believe nature is the best mirror in which to see one’s mind. I have been led to recognize awareness as key. 01/10/17
Stories of Spiritual Regression Imagine sitting in a beach chair watching the sunset. Your mind is empty. You can hear, speak, and control your actions, but it is most comfortable to do nothing. 10/07/15
The 10 Signs Well, you know or don’t you, or haven’t I told you … gratitude is half of every telling, and the other half is thank you, and that’s it, thank you now. Think, you are grateful. 11/08/15


Dispossession You might think it silly to ask, “Who is at home?” with regard to anyone’s personality, but I disagree. When someone asks something of you, where does your answer come from? 01/22/20
Free Will With the advent of quantum and chaos theory, physics has made progress in modeling free will. The first step to understanding free will versus determinism is to appreciate that neither hold up under scrutiny. 02/01/16
Taking the Whole Apart Why do we think of ourself as a whole person? If we were not whole people, then would we recognize our different selves? 03/01/16
To Be Confused II – Awareness ($) We say we like stability, but we’re subject to confusion we are not satisfied with it. 05/11/22
To Be Confused IV: Facts and Feelings ($) Confusion is its own kind of order; accept it and understand it. 03/02/22
Too Many Voices Parts Therapy is giving audience to the voices that represent our points of view. It can be done with anyone. Holding back a chaos of ever present voices is something. 08/04/16
Trust as the Foundation of Therapy As hypnotherapists, we should recognize the strength of what we are. Trust can’t be layered on top of any method; it’s the foundation of therapy. 04/22/20
Understanding Psychology Psychology is a field that aspires to some day exist as a reliable body of knowledge. It’s a nice idea. 03/04/21
What Is A Changed Person? An exploration of the three components of personal change: rationality, emotion, and awareness. 12/25/19
What the Mind Can Do, and When It Doesn’t There are well­-documented reports of people healing ailments beyond what’s considered possible. It is my own experience that many people with chronic ailments are already exercising an unusual skill in maintaining these ailments. 12/14/16
Why You Don’t Change-1($) For most people, most of the time, there is little openness to internal change. If I can get a client to accept one new idea, I consider it a major victory. 06/17/21
Why You Don’t Change-2($) If you think one small change is all you need, you limit yourself. Significant changes are extensive, though you may not appreciate them for their lack of drama. 06/24/21


Beyond Sight and Feeling ($) The challenge and the promise of letting go of who you’ve become convinced that you are. 09/23/21
Black Magic and the Millionaire Mind Magic is any act by which a person causes change through unconscious effects. This includes involving your own unconscious to facilitate change in yourself. 01/24/13
Dreams and Assumptions: Ancient Toltec Wisdom Helps Build Love and Integrity ($) Indigenous wisdom is not especially indigenous, it’s just wisdom. 01/24/13
How I Seem to Be (Different) I seem to be moving toward the realm of celebrities like Steven Kotler, Moran Cerf, Steven Pinker, and Joe Dispensa. This doesn’t mean I’ll join them, just that I’m heading in that direction. 11/03/19
I’m Banned From Medium ($) Artificial intelligence systems simulate a perfectly functional psychopath. 02/09/22
Independent Thinkers Independent thinking is not an alternative because dependent thinking is not thinking. 12/13/20
It Comes From Space We take space for granted but there are no linear distances or dimensions in your thoughts. Mind-space is something that emerges dynamically from the way thoughts build themselves. 12/03/20
Kinds of Thinking Science, psychology, stupidity, and many others all have a place. 10/06/21
Learn to Think Consciousness is being aware of what comes up in your mind. That means thoughts, perceptions, and sensations. Consciousness is not the control of these things, it’s awareness of them. 11/02/16
News, Memory, & Truth ($) Memory works better if you imagine what you want to achieve. 07/20/22
Nonviolent Communication Marshall Rosenberg is a clinical psychologist who sounds very much like a Native American elder, and his focus is on he use of language both in communication with others and in speaking with ourselves. 01/24/13
Project Management Applied to the Mind ($) While the things you do are projects, you are a project, too. 01/24/13
Reality of Craziness ($) Get to know all the other people who you think you are not. 10/20/21
Sorcery For Scientists Expand your understanding beyond the bounds of reason. Presented at MIT, 2011, at the Memorial to Jerome Lettvin. 01/24/13
Systems Sustainable Systems Theory is not about systems per se, it’s about systems that are composed of systems that feedback with each other. It’s the opposite of reductionism and it’s becoming increasingly more important. 01/24/13
The Fundamental Question Unless you can formulate your answers in terms that are practical, you don’t have a valid question. All you’ve got is a program, and that program can amount to anything or nothing at all. 09/16/20
The Reality of Illusion This piece is about what we think is real. It is about the worlds of imagination and dreams, and the process of making feelings into sensations. Imagination can have as much effect as any other perception. Everything sensed through perception is an act of imagination. 01/20/18
The Time of Your Life Try being aware of your surroundings every second. Try being in “the now” every second, continuously for a minute. It’s exhausting but it’s good exercise in practicing what’s ridiculous. With practice, you’ll stop caring. 11/06/20
Thinking ($) Music, as structure in time, is the opposite of confusion. 09/29/21
To Be Confused III – Music ($) Music, as structure in time, is the opposite of confusion. 05/25/22
Where the Thoughts Come From-2($) Our mind creates the illusion of well-formed vision. We similarly create the illusion of well-formed thoughts. 07/07/21
Where the Thoughts Come From-3($) The better you understand the landscape, the more you see in it. 07/15/21
Where the Thoughts Come From-4($) How thoughts might be formed using a basic model that yields interesting results. 07/22/21
Where Thoughts Come From (part 1) We’re built not to see where our thoughts come from. We have the illusion they come from nowhere. We interpret this as free will. 06/30/21
Who’s Conscious? Reality is a diversion; it’s consciousness perceiving itself. Awareness is an active state of energy, not a stable state of matter. Consciousness does not create us. 02/05/20
Why It’s Dangerous to Believe What You Think ($) Seeing the edge of what you know is crucial: seeing what you cannot see. It’s important to have a good imagination. 07/20/22


Insight, Therapy, & Unmet Needs($) If we’re looking for wisdom and power, then we need to identify the path that gets us there. 08/12/21
On Being a Saint The fantasies of identity that we’re taught are the elementary particles of society and we are tempted to make ourselves of them. 05/04/21