“The new direction of war, of which you are already partly aware, is essential to better understand the Hollywood/military connection, and the financial/military connection. Just as war was once the manly thing to do, war is now the fun thing to do. And since robot war does not require you to be big, strong, or mature it does not require you to risk your life, and it also does not require that you be an adult. This fits in perfectly with the central governments’ long-term public educational effort to infantilize the population. Hence the games and entertainment, hence Hollywood…”

“Over the past ten years of military operations, adversaries of the US realized that physical victory on the battlefield was not the only way to meet their overall objectives; by influencing perceptions on a local or global scale, they could advance their interests. The US also had interests in shaping perceptions, and this resulted in a competition in the information domain. We call this the competition over influencing perceptions ‘the battle for the narrative.’ ”

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