Here is the third of three parts summarizing my book Instant Enlightenment, Awakening Your States of Mind.

Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; and love by love.”
Thomas S. Szasz, psychiatrist

This material is for you to consider from your own perspective and to use in your life. Doubting it and translating it into your own language will be more useful than accepting it at face value.

Learning is at first a destructive process, which then proceeds to create something new. It is metamorphic. To learn this material, break it down. If it has the power that I suggest, it will then sprout of its own accord, like magic beans. Just keep watering it.

Chapter 9 – Containing

Your Adorned Self – Your Higher Self

Chapter 10 – Being

Mental State – Stability

Chapter 11 – Healing

Dysregulated States – Delusion – Paranoia – Panic and Fear – Trauma – Depression – Mania – Heartbreak and Grief

Chapter 12 – Changing


Chapter 13 – Postscript

Doubt – Learning

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