15-minute Discovery Call (phone or zoom) is FREE

 — Sliding Scale Pricing is need-based and set individually. —

Psycho-Therapy / Counseling / Coaching / Hypnotherapy conducted remotely through Zoom.

In-person sessions are:
available at the off-site venue of our choosing.
priced at the high end of the cost spectrum.
not eligible for sliding scale pricing.
Neurofeedback conducted remotely requires rental or purchase of additional EEG hardware.

Single Client, Remote Session, Sliding Scale Pricing: US$ 90 – 150/hour
(In person sessions are not available on a sliding scale and cost US$ 160/hr, CA$ 210/hr)

 1 Hour Remote Unemployed & Uninsured Employed OR Insured Employed AND Insured
US $ 90 120 150
CA $ 118 158 197

For couples, remote session, sliding scale rate add US $15 (CA$20)

Established Client Discounts

Clients who have paid 4 hours at full rate (the high end of the sliding scale or in-person) get a 30% discount on subsequent hours.

Packages: US$ 350.00 / 3 hours

Self-hypnosis Audio Digital Sound Files
Free to $10. Listed and purchased on the products page. Accessed using URL links in delivered emails.

Available in digital, printed, and Audiobook form at online booksellers