“As long as I have new ideas I will never know who I am but only imagine who I could be. As a spiritual guide, hypnotherapist, or what have you, I wonder whether my different point of origin—scientist, inventor, adventurer—puts me behind or ahead of the pack. I have come to a conclusion…”

“I believe that whatever skill I possess — or anyone possesses for that matter — is contained in their ability to navigate the territory. My skill is learned from throwing myself into the most different worlds and recovering some kind of phylogenetic memory of it. Skill is intuition, and intuition is half recollection and half prediction…”

“When we’re called to do something by our own internal guidance we simply have to do it… Arrogance is pretending to be what you wish you were but aren’t. Being called to action is simply acting your truth because there is no more time. When your angel calls, act. It’s not a game…”

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