Finding emotions in your body makes a deeper connection than through your mind.

No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
Theodore Roosevelt

What follows are the sections from Instant Enlightenment in which I explore the heart and lungs. While it’s valuable to explore one’s emotions through intellect, mood, and memory I believe it’s essential to explore emotions in the body through sensation and imagination…

Here is the key: you want to both be in control and allow your emotions to be beyond your control. It’s a question of what emotions you project on the world. Engage your conflicts without injuring others. Recognize how easily your struggles can manifest in the world that you create for yourself. Engage that struggle and take responsibility for it…

The body meditation is unlike other meditations. It extends beyond the time over which you’re actively engaged. Unlike a key that opens a lock, the heartful meditation matures as your body responds to it and ferments over time. You are calling in your body’s voices and some of them speak through other means, through the modulation of energies that appear only when you’re in other states…

In my role as a therapist—at least what I call being a therapist—I work to evoke my clients’ sense of strength and connection with guidance. Without these there will be little progress. With these they can make positive, permanent change.



More Than Mindfulness

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