Summaries of chapters 5 – 8:
Thinking – Sensing – Feeling – Recollecting

Language is a tool for concealing the truth. If we could read each other’s minds, this would be a horror show.”
George Carlin, humorist

Here is the second of three parts summarizing my book Instant Enlightenment, Awakening Your States of Mind.

Thinking about thinking, or meta-thinking, might be uniquely human, except that most humans don’t do it. Meta-thinking is not just talking to yourself or passing judgment, it’s reflecting on your whole cognitive process: thoughts, emotions and sensations. Meta-thinking is the questioning of questioning itself.

Chapter 5 – Thinking

Meta Thinking / Acts of Will / Social Bonding / Context / Results

Chapter 6 – Sensing

Perception / Currents / Lungs / Heart / Anger / Elimination / Creativity / Attention

Chapter 7 – Feeling

The Delusion of Personality / Neurology / Emotion as a Whole Being

Chapter 8 – Recollecting

Memory / Thinking Versus Remembering / Imagery / Emergence

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