An understanding of confusion has yet to be operationalized… (it’s) a syndrome, a collection of problems.”
Allan Ropper (2014)

We say we like stability, but in those areas where we’re subject to confusion we are not satisfied with it. If you’re happy with stability and you’re not confused, then there’s no more to say at the moment. Chances are you’ll remain stable until support runs out or pressing novelty appears.

Confusion comes from an imbalance that could be leading to change or could be locked in struggle. We often mistake confusion for imbalance but lack of balance is a situation, confusion is our reaction to it.

There are three kinds of imbalance, and this applies to you and your decision making: leading confusion, trailing confusion, and uncertain confusion. In leading confusion, you’re considering an action that’s proactive. You think you know where things are going and you’re almost ready to commit. You’re ahead of the pack. If “the pack” is your own range of opinions, then you’re taking the lead in forming an opinion.






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