Who Am I?

Mind Strength Balance focuses on issues of thought, growth, and identity, and is owned by Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt, CCPCPr. Lincoln has experience in science, business, project management, teaching, biofeedback training, and hypnotherapy.

PhD: Quantum Many-body Theory, U. of Texas, Austin
CHt: Hypnotherapist, Int’l Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Assn.
CCPCPr: Clinical Counsellor, Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (member #3115)

He has expanded our knowledge in quantum physics, astronomy, aeronautics, statistics, computation, education, psychology, education, counselling, and neuroscience. His passions include mountaineering, diving, piloting, writing, building community, making toys, composing music, and creating relationships.

For a detailed list of training, certifications, achievements, popular and peer reviewed publications refer to the Publications and Credentials page.

spiritual transformation growth
  • 1974-1978: Mountaineering first ascents

  • 1978: NASA astronomer, Berkeley, California

  • 1985: PhD in Quantum Physics, University of Texas at Austin

  • 1998: US Patent #5,740,427 for Modular Accounting software

  • 2006-2007: Neurofeedback Training: Stone Mountain Center, New York; EEG Institute, California; Enhancement Institute, Texas

  • 2015: Certified Hypnotist, HPTI and ICBCH

  • 2016: Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, IMDHA

  • 2021: Certified Clinical Counsellor, CCPCPr

  • Travel through Asia, North, Central, and South America, Europe, and the Arctic.

  • Author of scientific and personal books and articles.

  • Empathetic listener and catalyst for change

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    Some Highlights

    Lincoln Stoller
    Lincoln StollerMind Strength Balance
    I am interested in the mind and its connection to the physical and spiritual worlds. Working from physical, intellectual, and spiritual experience I offer a unique perspective that can help you live better in this world. I have experienced intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual trials and healing. My techniques are grounded in practical applications to our problems.
    My greatest accomplishment is touching the divine, feeling connected to what is sacred. This has given me a sense of purpose. It has given me the clarity to help others find this unique experience and our shared humanity.
    I provide a free initial consultation and create a unique program to meet your needs. All programs are tailored to your situation and your strengths. I believe everyone is on a path of personal evolution, and that we have more in common than we are led to believe.
    I am always offering free public lectures, educational workshops, and free clinic services to introduce people to the science, neurofeedback, and hypnotism of healing. If you run a class, manage a venue, or simply have a group of people interested in this material, I’d be happy to educate you.
    I am an avid thinker, tinkerer, explorer, and outdoors person. I understand the value of challenge, the obligations of success, and the grace of defeat. Part of our approach will be to overcome any obstacle you confront, using the natural resources you possess. Gains requires risk. I am here to convince you that the risk is worth it!

    Guiding, mentoring, and teaching a personally traveled path to healing and wellness.

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    Comments from unscreened, first-time, walk-in clients at the RVHHC.org free clinic.

    • From my heart, thanks for playing a role in my life & progress !! I never knew some of The tools I need would come from my own mind !!
      Bless you !! Thank you !!
    • I see how I create the experience. I have answers. I welcome the healing dreams, visions I plan on opening myself to.
    • This was a new experience that filled me with curiosity. It has sparked an interest in creating a meditation practice for myself.
    • VERY ENLIGHTENING. Fascinating trip thru my brain waves and my mind’s eye to a place of calm.
    • It was Fabulous – WOW psychedelic, trippy! Well I never tripped psychedelically but, as the song goes, I feel good do be do be do be do. Feel like I’ve accessed more of the joy that is within me.
    • I had a persistent problem of mine identified. Going forward, it will now be easier for me to understand myself. I feel I know how to live better.
    • It was great, a new experience. I would definitely suggest it to anyone – very unexpected. Thank you!
    • It was powerful – incredible. It was the first time I saw Lincoln. I’m so grateful for the experience.
    • It was a WONDERFUL experience … “eye opening”, giving me a lot to think about and I believe new tools to use. Simply- thank you.
    • It was AMAZING.
    • GREAT! So good. I went into a no-time-space reset zone.
    • Hi, the evening was very enlightening to me and you are a terrific speaker. I am an intuitive and can relate to a lot that you said.  (after a group past life regression)

    Lincoln Stoller, PhD, CHt



    Postal address:

    81 High Street (Strawberry Vale)
    Victoria, BC
    Canada, V8Z 5C8

    The company’s projects include:
    Hypnotherapy: the process of integration of mind and body and Spiritual Regression in particular, a facilitated, self-directed process of spiritual growth.

    Hypnotherapy employs trance as a process of experiencing and integrating ones self. Spiritual Regression puts you on the path to holistic consciousness. You determine the content of regression therapy according to the spiritual work you brought yourself here to do. I launch you on this journey, guide you on the journey, and protect you from negative states. Many people meet spirit guides, going on to encounter powers they never imagined and, through the process, find inner wisdom. Your learning comes from inside you.

    Neurofeedback training: teaching the skills of focus, regulation, observation, balance, and self-control.

    Neurofeedback develops your skills in attaining and maintaining states of consciousness or, what would be referred to in hypnotherapy as states of trance. Neurofeedback training improves your strength and ability to move forward to new mental states. I apply hypnotherapy and neurofeedback working from brain maps and my research, therapy, and spiritual experience. My clients and I work to resolve issues of trauma, physical disregulation, chronic illness, and maintaining energy, focus, and attention.

    Learning skills development: developing courage and self love through:

    The Learning Project: an on-line book exploring personal change across ages, interests, and personal backgrounds.
    Spiritual mentoring: a project matching interested youth with experienced elders.
    How things work: teaching how human systems work through the design of games and the interaction of people.

    You say you’d like to learn from the wisest masters? Here is your chance. These masters are right in front of you, but you will not recognize them because they are inside you. They don’t say much, but what they do say you will never forget.