“Matile is 84 and curious about alternative healing. Having misplaced her glasses she can’t read our practitioner descriptions so an intake volunteer at the Rondout Valley Holistic Health Collaborative, where I am giving Past Life Regression sessions, chooses me at random. She has never heard of me and has no knowledge of regression.

“Matile is guarded and distant. I feel no rapport, and I am uncertain how this will work out. I begin with the standard relaxation and lead her down an imaginary hall of doors ‘behind each of which lies a significant scene in a significant past life.’ She finds a door, opens it, and steps through. She tells me the following story without any further prompting.

I am a young man, 34. I live in the Midwest in the 1800’s. I’m getting married. We live in a mansion. We have servants…”

“Where did this story come from? Did it really happen? Can we meet angels? I believe these questions are unimportant; they are old concepts. They are baggage. Truly new growth exists outside of the old containers…”

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