You are no better than what you disdain.

Nothing living should ever be treated with contempt.”
― Elizabeth Goudge

I would like to make a modest proposal: I propose that we all have greater control over our autonomic systems than we are aware of. I suggest we can improve this awareness without much difficulty if we are subconsciously encouraged to do so.

Following this suggestion, I have been creating a series of self-hypnosis audio files that any person can listen to in order to subconsciously improve their self-awareness. That is, to become more interoceptive.

By connecting what I know about the enteric nervous system, the immune system, and the gastrointestinal tract I have completed the third and last self-hypnosis audio in this series. I’m offering free access to the audio titled The Gut Part III: Large Intestine to my paid subscribers. You’ll find the link to the audio file at the bottom of the full post…


Autonomic Control


The Large Intestine

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