Your reality is first where you direct your attention. That’s how you make it real.

The sense-perceptible world is only part of what surrounds us…
It is like a piece of ice floating on water—the ice consists of the same substance
as the surrounding water but stands out because of certain qualities it possesses
Rudolf Steiner, from Theosophie, p. 114

What is an alternate reality to you? Can you describe it? What is the purpose of describing it?

It’s odd we don’t spend more time considering this. I think that is because we believe the reality we’re aware of is the only reality there is. Though we may doubt the present and be dissatisfied with it, we are attached to it.

This reflects a natural fear of losing control and awareness. We hope our investment in our current reality will pay off. In this there is an element of the “sunk cost fallacy.” We don’t want to lose contact with the reality in which we’ve invested so much.

I know satisfied and unsatisfied people who are ready to explore alternate realities. The satisfied are looking to gain more of what they value, and the unsatisfied to lose what they don’t. Many journeyers will attest that there is much to be learned outside “the real world” we normally perceive.





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