Tyranny festers as a thought and infects our dreams before it becomes a reality.

“Until they become conscious they will never rebel…”
George Orwell, from Nineteen Eighty-Four


Dreams are an unstructured place in your mind where ideas emerge and mix. We believe we live in a somewhat democratic society but the covid experience has shown that we do not. We believe we live under governing systems that serve the population, but the covid experience has shown that we do not. We believe wars, conspiracy, and collusion are occasional failures but they are not.

We consider fictional ideas of tyranny and subjugation. Few of us are psychologically prepared to recognize the current tyranny and the role we’re playing in it. To support tyranny over ourselves and our communities, and to be unwitting players in conspiracy and collusion goes against the narrative we tell ourselves.

In our dreams we encounter conflicts and conundrums that are intellectually repugnant, but we don’t stretch ourselves to the breaking point. What happens in our dreams when we start to recognize that we’re living in a nightmare?

A Hypnotic Induction

I have created a self-hypnosis induction to help you connect with the fall of science in society. Science remains near its peak, but it’s positive potential is in decline and its trajectory is downward…




A Hypnotic Induction

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