The Body Electric: Circuit 1 & 2


Guided visualizations to enhance two large circuits distributing charge through the body.


These guided visualizations foster awareness of two circuits that distribute charge through the body. The heart circuit brings negative charge from your feet to your core, and the star circuit that distributes this core charge along nerve sheaths to your extremities.

These two “circuits” support the resonances that are our metabolism. These resonances are explore in the complementary 3-part audio series The Body Electric, Resonance 1, 2 &3.

These visualizations build awareness of the body’s charge circulation and electric sensitivity. Circuits are the first of three aspects of the body electric, and the second of two circuits: the star circuit.

Listen to these recordings daily for a week in a quiet frame of mind, particularly before going to sleep. Practice visualizing the body’s current for a minute prior to sleep. This is to be used in sequence with the other Wiring the Body Electric visualizations.

DO NOT listen to this audio while operating machinery or where at risk of distracting attention.

After purchasing this audio you’ll be sent a receipt with a link that will enable you to download the MP3 file.

DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!



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