Chi is the sum of the energetic frequencies that run through your body.

Your family will appreciate that the more Chi-full you are, the more cheerful you are.”
― Kenneth S. Cohen, Qigong Grandmaster

There are things we can think about and there are things we can’t. Awareness is an outpost at the boundary, something like a monastery in which we study our reflection. Life forms seem to drift toward greater awareness, but the force behind this is unclear.

Studying one’s reflection is fairly safe. It doesn’t compel you to see or act and it has few repercussions. It might lead to insight and action, but that becomes a choice. Self-study is vague and intangible. It offers no guarantee that you’ll learn anything.

It appears to me—from watching others and from my own experience—that there is no single path to full awareness. But more than that, no one path is sufficient. One needs to follow several paths and gain overall views from several vantage points. There is more to become aware of than any one personality can express.

Personal Awareness

Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Energy and Mechanism

The Body’s Awareness

Between the Hands

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