Enhancing our mind-body connection.

“If your mind can affect the way your body functions, and hypnotherapy can affect the way your mind functions, then it stands to reason that hypnotherapy can ultimately affect your body’s responses.”
Mike Bryant and Peter Mabbutt, from the introduction to Hypnotherapy for Dummies

I’d like to propose a broader connection between the mind and body; I call it the Hypnotic Interoception. Interoception is your ability to sense the internal organs, parts, or states of your body. Pain, need, and comfort are three common interoceptive channels through which our body communicates with our mind…

Consciousness is a mixture of awarenesses, like vision is a mixture of colors, and we can expand the range of “colors” we see while altering, adjusting, and being more sensitive to different states of mind.

Polyvagal Theory



To Make Progress


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