“The Wolf Kids program is an outdoor learning environmental experience. It has little in common with institutional education or the modern teacher-student relationship. (Jean-Claude’s) traditional mentoring-based program aims to create a cultural reintegration of individuals, families, and communities. Jean-Claude designed his program for home-schoolers rather than work with state schools which would require that he compromise his ideals. Once I describe the model you will understand why many people are interested in it…”

“Cultural connection lies at the root of health and growth at all scales: cultural, community, family, and individual. 8 Shields adopts a mentoring approach in which everyone plays a role. In intact cultures everyone who has something teaches something, everyone who strives to learn finds someone who strives to teach. Everyone embodies some of both. Being both a student and a teacher is the glue of identity. In a living culture everyone plays these roles…”

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