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Can we trust the government with our medical care? The short answer is No. — Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD ()

Significant changes are afoot and the wave will more like go over us than pass beneath us. Inflation seems unavoidable given the near doubling of government debt. Money kept in the bank will devalue. Industries may not grow either. There is a rush to buy permanent assets.

Subscription Model

I’m going to move this blog to a paid subscription model, charging $2.50/month.

I’ll continue a free subscription but it exclude free audios, ebooks, audiobooks, and video courses. The free blog will be one piece per month; the paid blog will be weekly and will include features and give-aways.

Ever versus Never (Green)

The Evergreen model of blogging is to feed everyone the same series of posts, starting with the first post onward, regardless of when they subscribe. This is predicated on the idea that posts develop in a sequence, that all of what’s written remains relevant, and that I’m generating information not news.

This remains true, but news is becoming increasingly important as real news is becoming harder to get. My series on emotion, sleep, and dreaming are installments but I’m increasingly involved in current events in therapy, healthcare, science, and psychedelics.

Quality journalists are fleeing from the mainstream news. I won’t pay subscription fees to the mainstream news because the information is biased and poorly researched. Independent journalism is going to a subscription model.

I follow current events in health care, education, and innovations in policy and technology. My writing includes elements of self-promotion but mostly it aims to be useful. Reporting, analysis, and advice are interdependent, and even the self-promotion is advisory. The news about Covid-19, nutrition, ivermectin, and mental health requires knowing both what’s happening now and how the existing system is dealing with it.


Vaccinations have not conquered the virus for various reasons. One reason is that they’re designed for profit, not public health. No good virus wants to kill its host, and no industry wants to put itself out of business. There is no incentive for it.

Ivermectin is a cheap, fast, well tolerated, repurposed drug that could cost almost nothing. I’ve heard a price of $8 for 8,000 milligrams of the raw medicine. In third world countries it’s packaged in 6 mg pills for $1 each. A course consists of 12 pills. The same pills are priced at $3 each at some US drug discounters, and $15 each in Canada.

$15 per 6 mg pill translates as $2.50 per mg compared to $0.008 per mg for the raw medicine. That’s a 30,000% profit on the raw material. The problem isn’t that it isn’t profitable to sell, it’s that it’s generic. Anyone can make it.

In contrast, only large pharmaceutical companies make vaccines. Those countries that work with the pharmaceutical companies control geopolitical alliances as long as there’s no alternative. To allow an alternative is to let the cat out of the bag.

If you live in the US, you can locate inexpensive medication at In Canada, try, but in Canada it’s more expensive. Ivermectin is only available by prescription in the US and Canada, but it is available over-the-counter in many third-world countries.

Doctors and pharmacists in my area know nothing about ivermectin’s use in curing and preventing Covid-19. These are not front-line health care workers, they’re just your back-office GPs and pharmacists who are uninformed in their own field. They get their information from advertising, medical colleges, government, and the mainstream press.

You will not find information on ivermectin in the mainstream, first world press, but you will find it analyzed, explored, and studied at length at the FLCCC and the BIRD groups. These are nonprofit coalitions of specialists, doctors, and researchers.

There are virtually no approved drugs to slow or stop the progression of Covid-19. Remdesiver is one that is. Its use is supported by scant evidence showing marginal effect. It’s used in the most dire situations and costs $3,000 per course. Ivermectin is 90% effective as a cure and prophylactic at all stages, costs pennies, and you’ve never heard of it.

If you’re older or ill and you contract Covid-19, you have a significant chance of death or long-term injury without ivermectin. I had it last March and I’m still far from recovered. Government, health care organizations, and the media want to keep it that way. Their strategy is institutional and the players are multi-national. In this is a Game of Thrones. Vaccines are their trump card and ivermectin upsets the game.

Illness & Illumination

I published my book, Covid-19: Illness & Illumination, before data was available on ivermectin. At the time, hydroxychloroquine was under discussion. That discussion ended with “the jury” deciding the drug had no effect. That was incorrect and was based on poor  experimental trials that did not follow clinical suggestions. Clinical reports continue to endorse its use in combination with other drugs at early stages of infection, and it continues to be used by those that know how to use it.

The evidence for hydroxychloroquine was mentioned parenthetically by Dr. Tess Lawrie, of the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development group, who spoke with Dr. John Campbell on March fifth. However, hydroxychloroquine’s importance has been overshadowed by the curative effect of ivermectin.

Other than ivermectin, there are no medical solutions for a person with a serious case of Covid-19. Vaccines play no role in curing the disease. None of the tens of thousands of people with serious cases have any more hope of treatment now than they ever did since the illness first appeared.

Only ivermectin cures Covid-19 with great efficacy, and ivermectin’s use continues to be entirely silenced by major governments, government institutions, and the media. Because few doctors do their own research, they don’t know about it. An additional review of Dr. Lawrie and ivermectin can be found at Pharmacy News.

Just released is a clinical report by Texas-based health providers who reject government recommendations and offer outpatient treatments using zinc, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and one of three antibiotics. They observe an 88% reduction in Covid-19 hospitalizations and a 75% reduction in deaths.

Hard copies and audio book versions of my book Covid-19: Illness & Illumination are available at Amazon and others. You can get a free digital copy at my dropbox. You’ll need an ebook reader application to open the file.

My book’s focus is on what your mind can do to strengthen your health and immunity, as well as the social implications of viruses. I have coupons for free audiobooks. Contact me and I’ll send you one.


Dr. Jackie Stone is a leading voice in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe, one of the world’s poorest countries. Many of her patients make from 1 to 10 dollars per month, 60% are under 25, and 10% are HIV positive. Zimbabwe is a strong supporter of the widespread use of ivermectin. Hospitalization and fatality rates from Covid-19 in Zimbabwe have dropped 90% due to ivermectin.

Dr. Stone has been the leading voice for the adoption of ivermectin, now adopted in Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, and poor countries in the Americas and Central Europe. She comments that young people almost never die from Covid. She advocates the use of ivermectin in addition to vaccination as better than vaccination alone.

The idea is that herd immunity is attained if symptomatic young people take ivermectin and develop antibodies. Young people who are infected and don’t develop symptoms will also develop antibodies. If all symptomatic young people take ivermectin, then no one dies or needs hospitalization.

As a result, the youth are more permanently immune than if they had taken one of the strain-specific vaccines. The older and infirm population need vaccination as they are at greater risk. With this combined approach, the whole population has greater immunity than if everyone had been given strain-specific vaccines.

This alternative terrifies the financial backers of vaccination. Public health organizations serve government first and health second. The first order of government is not the health of the individual but of the body politic, that is to say control.

Being Scientific

Having offered counseling for 15 years, I’ve entered a counselor certification program. Of the many gems taught in today’s program is the admonishment to never share personal information. We’re warned this will undermine one’s authority, cross personal boundaries, and create opportunities for exploitation.

Yesterday I spoke to a counselor in the field of child and family services who was deeply affected by her experience working with Native American elders. What elders do is contrary to this advice. They are deeply personal and involved. They are part of the community and the family.

You can rent the movie “Wizard of the Desert.” Rental is only a couple of dollars and I recommend it. The movie is about Milton Erickson, the doctor and psychotherapist whose life was so strange, and whose insight was so great, that few can compare or follow his example. He was tone deaf, color blind, dyslexic, in chronic pain, and disabled from near fatal childhood polio. I was surprised to learn that he was also partly Native American.

Erickson was deeply personal with his clients. That’s not to say he revealed himself, but that he involved himself. Many clients came to Erickson’s family events. Some came to live with the family. Yet one never exactly conversed with him.

Erickson was famous for his storytelling. His stories were personal but rarely true. That’s the key. It’s not personal distance that needs to be maintained, quite the opposite, in order to have therapeutic effect one must have a personal connection.

If you cannot manage boundaries for their salutary effect, then you’ll never provide good counsel. I have never had a client who did not require that they be personally understood. The notion of a diagnosis may be essential in medicine, and useful for psychotherapy, but diagnosis is not a force for change. The fundamental tenet that underlies permanent change—which I follow, Erickson followed, and shamans follow—is that the solution to client’s problems lie within them.

To know a person’s situation you must stand in their shoes, but to see a way forward you must get out of their shoes. As artists and healers have recounted through the ages, the strongest effect arises from the strongest connections wedded to the greatest insight. We are inspired when we are connected.

This brings me back to the issue of empathy. Empathy is the ‘standing in their shoes” part of this equation. Attaining personal distance pertains to getting out of someone else’s shoes, but first you have to get into them. You attain distance, you don’t maintain distance.

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