“Covid is the social thought and conditioned response, including the rejection of it and the academic discussion around it. It’s all conditioned and predictable. It’s all feeding itself.”
James H., Founder, Collective Intelligence Group


Lincoln Stoller, PhD, 2021. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


The discussion about artificial intelligence misunderstands intelligence. It’s stupid. Until you know what natural intelligence is, you can’t talk about artificial intelligence.

Natural intelligence is the ability to create connections out of chaos. This combines with rational thought, which connects cause and effect, to produce results that are not predictable. When the results are entirely predictable, it’s not intelligence.

Natural systems have the capacity for natural intelligence and employ it on occasion, but it’s not what we’re doing most of the time.

In most cases we act with small amounts of intelligence—which is mostly subconscious and rarely conscious. We make loose connections between vague impressions. In this process we’re not juggling ideas, just semi-randomly arranging semi-conscious bits.

Inaccurate memories and associations coalesce out of this thought-soup and we strain to interpret the results. From this mixture of idea compost and chicken entrails emerges our fabricated memories—all memories are fabricated—and the representations of the world which we call ideas.

Our minds contain thought-templates. These are pre-programmed connections between our imprecisely remembered ideas. These are memorized formulas that enable us to quickly put ideas together into sensible, coherent wholes. Sometimes we do drift into contradiction, but we try to keep this to a minimum. We rationalize when contradictions occur.

What seems like an uncontrolled process is intelligence. The other things we do, the “smart things,” contain little intelligence. They are simply the verbalization of existing patterns. Until you see this you are essentially an algorithm. You are following social thought and conditioned response. This is a form of thinking and it does happen in your mind, but it is not intelligent.

Intelligent thought contains chaos. Like a spice, chaos is strong. Like an oxidant, it tears things apart. People engage in almost no intelligent thought. One can only admit it in small doses but without it thought is not only tasteless, it is pointless. It is simply a conditioned response.

Intelligence is the combination of creative chaos and conditioned response. Too much conditioned response and there is no intelligence, too much creative chaos and there is no confirmation. The question is not whether you are intelligent, but whether you know how to use it.

“I am the people the mob the crowd the mass. Do you know that all the great work of the world is done through me?”
Carl Sandburg

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Covid-19 is a virus with some immediate relevance, especially if you catch it. What is more important over the long term is what I call the Covid-IQ question. This question is:

Can you think your way to safety?

The Covid-IQ question has two branches: information and intuition. The information branch pertains to perception, the intuition branch pertains to judgment. Perception and judgement are the foundations of thinking.

The information branch focuses on what is correct, pertinent, and fair. Discernment is a critical component of information. If you are not discerning, then your perception is not intelligent, it is reflexive. If you are not skeptically considering information, then you are acting programmatically.

The intuitive branch pertains to whether you are understanding the feelings of others, their perceptions, information, and response. If you are not sensitive to the intuition of others, then you are not following or contributing to the collective understanding.

The basic facts surrounding the pandemic include these (Kirsch, 2021; Kirsch, 2021a, FLCCC, 2021):

  • Covid-19 is a life threatening infection that mostly affects those older than 65 who are in ill health. Middle-aged adults can contract and pass on the virus but have limited risk of serious complications. Youth have virtually no statistical chance of serious illness.
  • The mRNA injections are effective in curtailing the development of life-threatening disease, but do not prevent infection or contagion. Countries with the larger percentages of the population who are injected show marginally higher rates of infection (Subramanian, 2121, 2021). (https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10654-021-00808-7).
  • Few to no practicing doctors recommend that the mRNA injection be administered to young people.
  • The mRNA injection is not a vaccine, it is an untested genetic-modifying medicine that has failed all previous safety tests in animals and has no history of use in humans. It is safe to assume that the nRNA injection is unsafe in the long term.
  • The nRNA injection adverse event records show serious adverse event levels that are ten times above the normal levels considered safe for vaccines. Adverse event levels exceed the cutoff levels at which vaccines are removed from the market.
  • Diligent use of widely available health supplements lowers the risk of infection and serious illness to acceptable levels in the young and middle-aged population. Risks are also significantly lowered in the vulnerable population.
  • Through the timely use of thoroughly tested, extremely safe, cheap, and confirmed efficacious antiviral medicines the viral illness can be cured in almost all cases.
  • Natural immunity develops from contracting and recovering from the virus. This immunity is effective against variants and lasts for years. The immunity that develops from mRNA injections is effective against the development of life-threatening illness for a period of months after which the medicine has less protective effect.

Institutional management of the pandemic response includes:

  • Most governments are withholding information about mRNA injection safety, efficacy, and adverse reactions.
  • There are a few reports released from reliable countries. These reports run counter to what most governments proclaim (Israel reports the Pfizer product to be only 39% effective versus the 96% rate advertised (Subramanian, 2121).
  • Most governments are aware of but are entirely rejecting without explanation the advice of doctors, researchers, and experts in public health.
  • Government mandates are following a plan that has no current basis in fact or practice, no evidence of success, has cost the lives of millions worldwide, and is destabilizing the world.
  • Mandates are being implemented undemocratically and contrary to individual rights.
  • The PCR test for infection generates 20-60% false positives. It is generally used in a misleading manner.
  • Governments and their agencies are supporting private profit over individual health. They are staffed with industry agents and biased to support corporate strategies.
covid-19 sarscov2 pandemic epidemic thought thinking intelligence vaccine mrna culture government authority


Because of a hierarchical system of government and industry-controlled health care, there is no role for intelligence in the pandemic response. Those involved in policy-implementation have no opportunity to implement intelligent policy, and those involved in policy-making have profit and power incentives that are contrary to intelligent health policy. It is understandable that the system will fail. It has failed at all levels.

Individual citizens have the opportunity to think intelligently, but are constrained by their institutional affiliations. Historically, people do not think intelligently. They especially do not think intelligently when disallowed and disincentivized.

A growing portion of the population is realizing the serious risks to their finances and health associated with following institutionally endorsed strategy. However, in our highly proscribed society, few people know how to apply intelligent thinking to the policy mandates they’ve been taught to accept without question.

People are encountering a crisis in categories. People’s freedom of control is in conflict with the instructions they’ve been taught to obey. Once institutions control most aspects of one’s health and welfare, questioning instructions becomes an act of insubordination.

People are afraid to think. They are frightened to admit they have sold off their right to think intelligently. For the most part, the population exercises neither natural nor artificial intelligence. They are, as James says, “all conditioned and predictable.”

covid-19 sarscov2 pandemic epidemic thought thinking intelligence vaccine mrna culture government authority

Responsible Health Care

A friend who is a director at a major US hospital wrote to me saying,

“What do you think is the goal of the world wide plague? I think about this daily, Lincoln. Many of my nursing home patients, who refused vaccine, are dying on ventilators. The middle aged children of other patients have died, without the vaccines. No question Regeneron works extremely well, and Hydroxychloroquine appears to work without complications. Truly, I am conflicted.”

I replied,

“I don’t question the pathogenic effects or the protective effect of the injection. What I realize is that the emerging global structure has either realized or systemically been drawn to support the idea of constant warfare. This is what Orwell postulated in 1984: a constant war against a faceless enemy. All that’s required is compliance, and for that casualties may be necessary in order for a profitable solution to be implemented.

“The medical system is part of the army. You are a low-ranking officer. You have your orders, your field support, and your weapons. You are given no more information than is necessary. What you see and can confirm supports the narrative. Other narratives are possible, but cannot be confirmed.

“The injection is efficacious but no more so than necessary. If the ‘vaccine’ (which we all recognize mRNA is not) turns out to disable people in the long term, that will be all the better! It is also a vehicle for accomplishing anything else that comes on the agenda. The rejection of better, safer, cheaper alternatives, coupled with the endless deluge of bullshit and connivance, should stop any thoughtful foot soldier in their tracks.

“If I were you, I would fight for medical autonomy and transparency. You are putting out fires. You will continue to be pressed to your limit. Who is lighting them? Why do they never stop? Why are all the potentially successful strategies that would stop the whole pandemic (like ivermectin) being buried? Why is clarity and unanimity among your colleagues obstructed?”

The director responded,

“All well spoken, mon ami. There is more to this than is at first evident. It is very much like Orwell’s dystopian vision. Any caregiver who questions the system in the least is chastised or dismissed. This is particularly evident in the state-run institutions. I wish I had a better answer to provide you with.”

Illness and Illumination

Earlier this year I published Covid-19, Illness and Illumination, a chronicle of my experience of being ill with Covid-19. My symptoms began on March 17, 2020, and my recovery is still ongoing. I wrote the book to chart the course of the disease, to suggest supplementary means of countering the infection, and to provide instruction on accelerating one’s recovery.

In addition to textual information, each chapter includes a self-hypnosis induction to more deeply convey the feelings and issues I discuss. You can listen to these using the free audio files whose links are provided in the book.

At the time, I did not know about ivermectin. The extent of the media and government suppression was not yet evident. I detailed my experiences with what’s called “Long Covid,” a condition that has since received wide coverage. I did not know know the extent of the institutional subterfuge we see today.

I priced the book at 99 cents, which is the lowest price Amazon will allow. Amazon forbade me to display or advertise the book then or since. So I was surprised to find the following reader comment communicated to me through a Facebook message. No friend of mine would have given me such fulsome praise:

“I have just read your book Covid-19 and I am literally awe struck by your perception on reality. You have concreted my basic intuition into long-term sustained growth beyond measure. You are a true inspiration to the human race. I can’t applaud you enough.”
Dylan C., an unsolicited reader

COVID-19 hypnosis healing virus coronavirus healing immunity

You can download my book at no cost from my website. I’ll get your email address and include you on my blog list, if you are not on it already. Click here to get a link to a free digital copy of Covid-19 Illness and Illumination



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