Psychedelics are the easy part of altered state therapy.

Psilocybin can offer a means to reconnect to our true nature—our authentic self—and thereby help find meaning in our lives.”
Mary Cosimano, psychedelic therapy facilitator

I’ve been experimenting with psilocybin. It’s been many years since I chemically altered my state. Since everyone is talking about psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and few people are speaking with much insight, I felt I should continue exploring it directly.

The reason I say that there is little insightful conversation is because those who are theorizing about the effects of psychedelics are not navigating altered states. Most practitioners of psychotherapy have no experience with induced states. The way you know this is by listening to their well-organized, rational thoughts.

Altered states cannot be understood using well-organized, rational thoughts. If they were well-organized and rational, then they would just be a different story or opinion, but altered states are far more than another point of view.

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