Your ability to move forward has as much to do with the gear you’re in, as the hill you’re on.

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”
— Charles M. Schulz

Things in the world proceed at different rates, and we operate at different rates. We think at one rate, speak at another, and feel at a third. We coordinate with each other when there’s a common tempo, but these rates are often unclear, leaving us to act at our own pace.

Brain training skills are basic to effective function, but hypnosis and counselling address acute states of distress that often need attention first.




Integrating Internal Awareness

Hypnosis enables me to paint a visualization in my client’s mind that matches their brain state‌ as I perceive it. I can’t provide the computer’s measured feedback, but I can get right to their state of mind and engage them.

If you’d like to explore the integration of these essential functions, call me. I can suggest a program that combines the two.

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