Don’t waste an opportunity by insisting your family reunion be a happy social affair.

Family are like underpants. Some crawl up your ass, some get a little sideways, and some are just plain nasty.
And some actually cover your ass when you need them

No person escapes childhood unscathed. Either you grow up with parents who don’t know how to parent or you’re brought up by someone who does know how to be a parent and you struggle with an attachment disorder.

We are cabinets of misfiled information. Family reunions are disagreements of intractable misunderstandings. Most people keep their eyes to the sky and count the days.

Family reunions are an opportunity for you to dump the old files, discard memories, and change yourself. They are some of your last opportunities to make clarity.

A dysfunctional family is any family with more than one person in it.
Mary Karr, writer


Quitting the Contest

Making Clarity

Don’t Be a Therapist

What You’re Trying to Make Happen

What You Don’t Get

What Can Happen

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