The cyborg idea is prehistoric and comes out of the use of tools. The notion of our responsible action ranges from the Judaic notion that we’ll never be responsible users of power, and thereby forever beholden to a wiser god, to the Hegelian idea that we contain the god within us, and so should strive to become the uber mench. This lies right at the heart of the Ludite rejection of modern contrivances, whether that be electricity and internal combustion engines, or computers, drone warfare, and surveillance…

Ray Kurzweil says the computer is not just a data crunching device, but a better body for the human soul. He advocates uploading all of one’s SELF into a computer of the future and disposing of the body. All bodies or just some? Immortality, perfection. I think Kurzweil is an idiot, but the power and money of the computer-ati folow him like lemmings.

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