The origin of conflict in relationships and the importance of establishing resonance.

When you find yourself stuck in an oversimplified polarized conflict, a useful first step is to try to become more aware of the system as a whole.”
Peter T. Coleman, psychologist

True engagement happens when you share the same emotion. It’s only when you resonate with another person that you understand them, and you don’t understand them because you share similar concepts. You understand them because you share similar emotions. The reason we fight with each other is to get the other person to share our emotional state.

  • Speaking From Here, Hearing From There
  • Fleeing, Freezing, and Fighting
  • People Don’t Play a Zero-Sum Game
  • Emotions Don’t Reach Conclusions
  • Intellectualizing Emotions is Not Engaging
  • Awareness Leads to Self-Awareness
  • Learn to Navigate States of Mind

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