Enlightenment is limited by need.

Interpretations, criticisms, and diagnoses… are actually
alienated expressions of our unmet needs.
— Marshall B. Rosenberg

If we’re looking for wisdom and power, then we need to identify the path that gets us there. In my course on enlightenment, understanding one’s needs is the first chapter. This is a discourse on needs. If needs are the terrain we navigate and try to get beyond, then mind is the vehicle that will take us there. To talk about needs, first talk about mind…

Your childhood still exists. Most of your most fervent needs and attitudes were drilled into you in childhood. You think you have some memories of childhood but you don’t know how much you’ve forgotten. You’ve forgotten much less than you suspect. It’s there but you can’t access it. Childhood is not stored in memories so much as it’s stored in your personality. You see the world through the lens of your childhood…

Enlightenment is therapeutic for you and those around you. The kind of therapy that supports personal and social growth is not the kind of therapy they teach aspiring clinical counselors.


Social Self

The Scheme of Things

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