The Chance to Improve Your Life is in Front of You

Life is music played on the keyboard of your personality. A instrument you inherited, grew in your childhood, and learned by trial and error. Tuning needed, keys stick, and others you avoid. There are some missing notes.

You work hard with success and reward, but also sadness and blame. The problem isn’t the song, it’s what you’re not saying. It’s not who you reveal, but who you’re hiding; the keys you’re not touching. The faith you’ve lost and the power you don’t recognize.

Your real song is calling you. There are difficult passages but everything you need is there.

“I want to acknowledge your part in changes.
You have asked the questions with an open mind
which has given me an opportunity to ask myself.
From my perspective, you are very respectful
and tread carefully. I trusted you with each step.

I feel a big opening inside today, for some reason.” — C.B.

I want to send a quick email to let you know I am feeling better
as I go about my everyday life. Not sure why, but I think the not drinking
coupled with our sessions are making an impact on how I feel. Honestly,
I feel great. So, just wanted you know I appreciate your help.” — C.F.

Approach life as a story. Our views of past, present, and future are whole visions in themselves. Our perspectives are filled with unfinished lessons.

Regression to current and past experiences reshape the future. “Life Memories” are our vehicles of engagement, our ego’s largest container. We see ourselves as a character in a story and no one character understands everything.

Progression to future is a means to explore our resources. Envisioning beyond our current experience create a path to what is not yet possible.

Between-life experiences give you a wholeness beyond experience, a place where we heal our hearts, affording gratitude and defiance, empty of preconception.

Spirit moves horizontally. Life progresses chronologically but our mind organizes memories into blocks of meaning. We build ourselves from these experiences but few reach completion. Time folds into the fabric of your recollections.

Spiritual Coaching presents life from the larger perspective, opening new ways to complete old memories. It’s a hypnotic journey that accepts new voices, resolves old struggles, and releases emotional burdens.

Reframe, Resequence, and Reimage memories. Memories are not real, they are maps that change as we shift our perspective. We can explore these feelings, ideas, sensations, fabrications of imagination, and evocations of sensation.

Parts Therapy is a method of accepting other aspects of ourselves. Until all our voices speak we don’t know ourselves. Meet yourself in ancestry, family and your reflection in others. Understand, accept, and love yourself.

Emotions complement intellect. Intellect breaks down life’s building blocks into concepts; emotion is the process of building the whole picture. Understand your feelings to create a ground for truth, progress, and meaning.

Spiritual Hypnosis uses creative states of mind where your unconscious mind is dominant: trance, past lives, parts therapy, and more.

You are completely aware and in control in this super conscious state. You will discover yourself to be so much more than you were conscious of.

How it Works

Spiritual regression uses deeply relaxed states of mind, induced through guided visualization and relaxation. Visions, memories, and emotions bubble into consciousness. You are in control, yet insights emerge as if from nowhere. In this super-conscious state, much is astonishing, anything is possible, and everything is significant.

Parts therapy is a return to our natural creative state, the state of choices and possibilities. This is not the singular, well-behaved person you would like to be, but the multi-faceted individual you truly are: a society of voices.

Brain training is the mechanics below mindfulness. It’s relearning how to perceive and react, after which your ability to learn unfolds in new ways.

What to Expect

Spiritual regression involves no drugs, diet, or special belief system. You need only be open to trance, and the fewer preconceptions you have, the better. You’ll find strange and disorienting stories—like dreams—and entering unfamiliar, melancholic, loving, or euphoric states.

Parts therapy is the permission to be normal. Forcing yourself to speak with one mind is what is abnormal! Stop shaming, threatening, and bullying yourself into silence. Meet all the voices who live inside you: respect them, hear them, accept them. There is no peace until you do.

Brain training is uses new technology that enables you to control your reactive brain. This creates a new neural foundation for self-awareness. I’m currently using the MUSE headband.

Being Prepared

Trance work is easy to master

Intentions are what you’re focusing on, and what you would like to accomplish. Regardless of your intentions, your path forward will rarely be what you intend, and this is as it should be. Don’t follow a preexisting map of attitudes and expectations. Look for something new.

What you intend stirs up many things. Your intentions dissolve into your unexpressed thoughts. Stirred things up. That’s where the insights come from.

Expectations are what you believe you will accomplish. Hold your expectations lightly and let them go when you realize how much more there is to your future.

What it Takes

Fees and Results

Regression is a canvas for memories, thoughts, feelings, and associations. It enables you to create a multi-layered picture of convictions and contradictions.

The regression session is recorded to help you remember a complex landscape of new narratives and deeper places; an integration of yourself, your life, and your history. I take notes, but I only witness.

In Parts Therapy, you are the authority. The attitudes you express may be real or not, with little or much say, but what they contribute will be important.

Reserve 3 to 4 hours for a full regression session, but you’ll lose track of time. It feels like remembering, but is looking forward. Take the rest of the day off.