Independence is more complicated than we’re led to believe.

I’m fiercely independent, but I’m also terrified of being alone.”
Adam Levine, musician

What you have in mind is not your mind, it’s what your mind is filled with. This old mix-up of being IN the world or being OF the world was pointed out by Jesus. It continues to crop up everywhere; it never seems to be resolved.

It used to be that being analytical meant being unemotional and detached, but this is breaking down. There is a trend with science-minded people becoming more personally involved. Conflicts of real versus fake, culture versus politics, and responsible stewardship is confusing people’s identity. As more people are being held responsible, and more people are confronting their responsibilities, we seeing increasing amounts of blame-assigning and acrimony.

This is a critical issue in mental health where you have to balance having a purpose with becoming captured by it. Almost every client I work with—no, EVERY client I work with—struggles with being pulled down by the conflicts that arise from their engagements. Phrased like this, could it be any other way?

Codependent or Independent

Codependent by Training

Consciousness and Content

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