“A long time ago, before I can even remember, I saw a picture of a balloon-like animal conjectured to live in the atmosphere of Jupiter. That image caught my imagination, and stuck with me… and now I have concluded there is a single-celled, diatomic plankton that lives its whole life in the stratosphere…”

“A few months ago, I ran across some photos of unexpected lifelike particles encountered in the air, 16 miles above the surface of the earth. These broken tidbits were recovered from a balloon-based experiment that was investigating what’s up there. The pieces were microscopic…”

“One of the objects retrieved, the object on the left, looks like a piece of a shell of a diatom… The other item is a kind of deflated membrane that’s a part of something…What’s odd about this is that air currents do not take things up this high…”

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