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Sleeping well is as much a skill
as living well!

Sleeping well requires that you start, stop, and continue doing certain things. You’d be lucky if all this came naturally sometimes, and it would be a miracle if it came naturally always.

Of these matters physiology knows some, psychology knows little, and medicine know none because good sleep is not a structure, a process, or a medical condition.

It’s a skill.

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Sleep Rhythm Training

By tuning your inner awareness improve, regulate, and enhance your body’s rhythms. Learn to breathe, think, move, relax, digest, beat your heart correctly in order to sleep well.

Somnolence Creation

If the road to sleep is leading nowhere, you’re on the wrong road! State your most important intentions. Speak to that part of you that hears but does not answer and to that part acknowledge a life journey. Build an altar of objects, mementos, and tools. Be at home before your deepest self and enter sleep moving toward purpose.

Relaxation Therapy

Explore your body’s psychology in order to remove tension from every bone, joint, muscle, and organ. Learn to listen for stress and feel constriction and your body will guide you to their release. Enhance sleep by improving function.

Relieve Anxiety

Psychological discontent repressed in waking life fuels insomnia and interrupts sleep. To sleep fully, live fully by building peace, confidence, and enthusiasm for the health and blessing sleep provides.

Create Comfort

Pain is itself an altered state, one you can learn to intercept and redirect. With self-hypnosis reduce pain by half and, with practice, you may eliminate chronic pain entirely, permanently, and without drugs!

Dream Crafting

Dreams make sense of life and demand your involvement. Recognize dreams as a warehouse of tools and ingredients. Learn a rich geography of control, suggestion, and lucidity in dreaming. Engage them and they will lead you.

Staying Alert

Once you’ve learned to fully engage sleep, what are you going to do when you want to wake up? You cannot learn the skills of sleep without also learning how to stay awake! Wakefulness has its rhythms, and you must learn to control them.

Brain Hygiene

Craft a nighttime environment that is quiet, clean, and clear of electrical noise, sound, and light. Be discerning of the chemicals, nutrients, and atmosphere in and around your body. Respect your body’s rhythms, and work with the daily rhythms that affect you.

Learn to Sleep:

Sleep Does Not Come Naturally
in our Unnatural Environment.

Sleep is a whole-body event,
supporting all aspects of health,
and essential for quality of life.

Poor sleep immediately impairs you.
Chronic sleep problems lead to
physical and 
psychological illness,
impairing your ability, awareness, and longevity.

The Path to Sleep Training

• Sleep Rhythms
• Somnolence
• Physical Relaxation
• Guided Visualization
• Calm and Anxiety Free
• Comfort and Pain Free
• Dream Crafting
• Sleep Environment

Learn to Dream:

Everyone’s dreams are different.
We all learn from dreams. Be part of it!

Lucidity applies to the whole mind,
your awareness asleep and awake.

Dream and waking states are
the foundation of your mind’s ability.

Empowering dreams enable your mind.

Lucid Dream Training

• Awareness
• Analytical & Intuitive States
• Dreaming While Awake
• Lucidity in Dreaming
• Inviting the Subconscious
• Lucidity in Waking Life