Heal Injury, Relieve Pain

Strengthen, Create Wellness

Address the “I” in Illness

Hypnosis is a proven strategy to prepare for medical procedures and recovery from injury, illness, and stress. It is a is a tool for changing detrimental habits like smoking, drinking, drug use, lack of exercise, poor diet, eating disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, phobia, fear, and fixation.

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Once you separate yourself from the experience, pain relief is surprisingly easy. One of the things we fear the most, pain, turns out to be one of the easiest to control.

Pain Relief

Learn to relieve pain that’s chronic,
or related to treatment or recovery.

Pre-surgical and post-surgical hypnosis increase speed of recovery, decrease complications and help you get back to health with less dependency on drugs for mood and pain control.

Chronic conditions that can be managed with hypnosis as an adjunct therapy include high blood pressure, skin problems, back pain, irritable bowel, arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, tinnitus, and many others.

Being Prepared

Hypnosis is easy to master

Medical hypnosis is about learning new strategies for taking control over the mind, the body and the connection between experience and response.  By meeting with Lincoln, you will learn the protocols that have proven effective for self-hypnosis and you will be able to use these techniques long after our sessions are over.

Hypnosis is a well studied phenomena, you will always have complete control during your sessions, increasing your awareness and your ability to manage this important mind-body connection.

Medical Hypnosis

Common Issues:

Sleep is a pattern of states of mind. You don’t so much learn to sleep as you learn how not to struggle in the avoidance of it.
An easy state of mind to recognize, anxiety’s release is an easy transition to learn. Drawing attention ever more narrowly anxiety feeds on itself. Broaden your awareness and anxiety evaporates.
Not only an issue of cardiac control, blood pressure involves your whole body: muscles, tissues, and capillaries. Learning to hear you heartbeat and feel the texture of your pulse is a practice thousands of years old. And the deeper you feel it, the more you can regulate it.
Disregulation arises from the lack of connection with your gut and its unique needs and rhythms, and this disregulation creates a reinforcing cycle of distress. Balance your awareness of and personal connection to the rhythms of your gut by developing a consonance in your eating, movement, and digestive patterns, breaking the cycles of distress.
Respiration is your relationship to the world, and the issues and fears you carry in relation ship to the world express in the way you nourish yourself through the breath, and coordinate your heart and lungs. Regain an alliance with breath as breathing regains the power to nourish you.
Learn to control blood and lymph flow, muscle and skin tensions. Develop a positive relationship to procedures and recovery. Build conscious resilience in organs and tissues.
Recovery involves enabling the body to identify and separate allied and functional tissues from antagonistic, dysfunctional tissues. As this awareness becomes understood throughout the body grief and fear are replaced with acceptance, support, confidence, and recovery.
Disease is invited by chronic disregulation, inattention, and distress. Health starts in your relationship to yourself and your world. Hypnosis provides an unique doorway to these invitations that lie outside your habits and below your awareness.