The term neurosis, as generally applied, is not accurate or helpful. In fact, one of the most negative influences on mental health is the ‘sick’ concept itself, which tightens and distorts, keeping us from a natural unfolding and realignment.”
Neal M. Goldsmith (2010), psychotherapist

Psychedelic-assisted therapy consists of psychedelics without therapy, combined with therapy without psychedelics. Lacking a theory, practice, or paradigm to combine the two, they separate like oil and water.

Psychedelics create unusual hyperactive or hypoactive emotional states: dissociated, manic, depressed, pacified, sedated, terrified, angry, amorous, empathic, anxious, or contemplative. All the extreme states that psychedelics create are states that psychotherapy aims to remove. There is no common framework for psychotherapy and psychedelics to work together.

Where is the Common Ground?

Not Here to Fix a Problem

Not a Side-Kick to Therapy

For a Lack of Inner Vision

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