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I’ve published the book The Path to Sleep, an audiobook available through CD Baby by clicking here. The Path to Sleep leads you through 27 hypnotic meditations to integrate mind and body; paths of attention that underlie your thought patterns.

The neurology of sleep centers on your ability to shift your neural rhythms. Sleep’s psychology requires your mental connection with your body’s resting, restorative state. The physiology, or body state, for sleep is one of full circulation, muscular relaxation, digestive attention, and visceral synchrony.

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If you believe your trouble sleeping is due to tension, nerves, mechanical or
chemical dysfunction, then you have accepted a medical excuse for ill health of your own creation. Sleep is a state of mind-body awareness that demands full engagement, and only your full engagement will restore it.

Sleep problems are life problems and, like other chronic conditions, sleep is just the line along which the war has broken out. Sleep problems do not reduce
to one problem, chemical, or mechanism.

Don’t you think it’s odd that 75% of sleep dysfunction is psychological, but neither psychology nor medicine has an effective remedy for it? Standard medicine and psychology are not deep enough.

The practices in The Path to Sleep are holistic, releasing you from dysfunctional attention, redirecting you to your internal rhythms. Rhythms that underlie your vitality, immunity, psychology, spirituality, longevity, and awareness of family and community relationships.

Improving your sleep will not yield to a direct approach. If you’ve tried to medicate, meditate, mechanicalize, or psychologize a path to good sleep, you’ll know how hopeless it seems. If there ever was a problem that cannot be solved by the same thinking that created it, it is sleep.



The Path to Sleep is not about doing more or less, or doing anything like you’ve done or been before. It does not cure your insomnia, restless leg,

anxiety, rumination, or depression. It’s not about any one of those things; it’s about all of them. It’s about how to open your mind to fully connect with your body.

Your mind and body are not separate. There isn’t any “you” that can be divided. Your ability to sleep, as your ability to be awake, is about awareness, regulation, balance, and flexibility. A whole that works together: mind, body, spirit, chemistry, environment, past, future, and present.

Sleep is the connection between things physical and temporal, your body’s hardware and software. There is no simple fix for this, no pill or doctor that can do this for you. You can only become wholly aware and involved in all aspects of your life and your living functions, especially those you have buried and forgotten, which is just what most of you don’t want to do! This is where your habits are rooted.

You can see how this kind of talk leads to resistance and frustration, so this book avoids this approach. It is not a talking book, a thinking book, or a self- help book. It’s a book of hypnotic inductions that change your experience of yourself. The book is experienced in trance, because trance is a deeper state of connection with yourself.


Hail Storm Dreaming, by Michael Jagamara


You do not read the book, I read it to you. It is not text, it is music.

Reading is a poor mind for this learning because this learning requires getting out of your mind, away from words and rumination. Settle into free association, a bubbling up of feeling, and a release of verbal consciousness. See your patterns as in a dream, associations between what’s inside and outside you. For these reasons I read to you.

I read the whole book once, and you repeat the practices to absorb the rhythms and patterns. The book is presented as an album, as music, so you can repeat the practices, which are separate tracks, until you either get it, or fall asleep. Sleep is, after all, a state that comes with understanding.

There are 12 chapters, each has two parts: an introduction and practices. The introductions explain and orient. The practices teach. Listen to the practices without distraction, letting them sink in until each makes sense. Many people fall asleep and never hear the end of the practices. That’s fine. There are parts of you that are aware while your mind sleeps. It’s that way for a reason.

From the Liner Notes …

“This is a book, a training, a therapy, a performance, and an opportunity for you to meet yourself at a deeper level. If you don’t know what that means, consider sleep. Sleep is your chance to mend and to meet your body and your mind. You may not know that you could meet a larger self through sleep, and that would be normal. This would be because you believe consensual reality is the only reality in which you are aware. In fact – because there is so little consent about what is real – in this world we are aware of very little.

“In the more real world that is inside us and perceived by us through memory and intuition, and of which we rarely speak, lack words to describe, and think about constantly, there is the potential for expanded awareness, but you must focus on it. You must focus on the world of your perceptions and apperceptions, the mental processes by which you make sense of things.”

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Hail Dreaming, by Pansy Napangardi

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The Path to Sleep is available through CD Baby only as downloadable files. A hard-copy, DVD version is not available yet, but will be in 2019. You may also purchase streaming access through my website’s products page by clicking here. If you purchase the title from my website you can access the audio files, and the whole book also in written form as separate PDF files. Files purchased from Mind Strength Balance are easily streamed or stored on your computer.

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