Get to know all the other people who you think you are not.


One person’s craziness is another persons reality.”
― Tim Burton, film director

You are a musical instrument with a mind of its own, a resonator that can take action. Some primary actions are built into you. These are the urges that arise in you in the course of doing things. For simplicity, they are of four kinds: survival, maintenance, attraction, and indulgence. This is somewhat arbitrary—like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs—but I want to build on them.

We cannot talk about individual enlightenment outside of the context of cultural enlightenment. Today we recognize people like Dante Alighieri and Leonardo da Vinci as great agents of change, but in their time they fought a largely losing battle. The opportunities for change in the Modern Era were due to the acceptance of new ideas. Your change too will succeed or fail as a result of your new ideas.

Thoughts Aren’t Reality

What Isn’t There

Beyond What You Think

Give Rhythm a Try

Obligations of Learning

The thoughts that you hold most dear and are least willing to bring into question
are often the most delusional thoughts of all.”
Charlie Ambler, Founder of @dailyzen

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