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Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sleep therapy & neurofeedback
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Clients of all backgrounds and issues, focusing on change and stability.

When you’re finished with the single-modality therapists, I will pull it all together.
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Hi L, Your capacity to care and support is amazing.
— CB

I have been asked by Lincoln Stoller to write about his work, his brilliant ideas, and the help he is able to give. His thoughts often help those who are looking to become more sure of themselves and find optimism as well as joy. If you do not take some time to study and read his works, you will miss out on this way of growth and understanding of your own self.

Joining his small groups and reading his ideas will induce creative thoughts and open new insights. Get what is available from Lincoln. Even his voice has healing tones and helps clear confusion and pain. Those looking for self change will be glad to take in what Lincoln has to share. Your peace and health can be improved.

Best wishes to all, Ann Hallock, LCSW, ret.

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    Dr. Lincoln Stoller

    PhD physicist, CHt hypnotherapist, CCPCPr clinical counselor, neurofeedback trainer, researcher in neuropsychology.
    Entrepreneur in software and business automation, cultural ambassador, adventurer, and author.
    Mountaineer, paraglider, sailboarder, pilot, scuba diver, snowboarder, solo climber.
    Life is a keyboard, compose!






    More about doing what’s right, and less about undoing what’s wrong.
    Intellect, emotions, and brain control.
    Change is neurological.

    Medical Hypnosis

    Tune your body’s rhythms for faster healing.
    The state of your mind affects your body


    Become more perceptive and integrate past issues
    for greater peace, gratitude, and personal growth.

    Neurofeedback tunes brain rhythms, awareness, focus, and clarity.
    You are limited by how well your brain works.

    Sleep as Energy

    Attitude, emotions, diet, exercise, dream work, and body energetics.
    Your mind’s flexibility determines the quality of your sleep.

    Learning is Essential

    Free yourself from restrictive thoughts and habits.
    Learning is the key to lasting change.
    You become what you learn.


    Medical hypnosis: heal the body, relieve the mind.

    Emotional counseling: awareness, meaning, communication.

    Brain Training: control thoughts, emotions, & attention.