Clear the past, create the future.
A whole solution releases, resolves, and inspires.

Clients are of all backgrounds and issues.
Older but with younger spirit.
Change with few sessions.

Learning, growth, achievement, altered states, sleep, synchrony, & transformation
Mentor, coach, counselor, therapist, toy maker, & consultant
Books, articles, products, & services
Preparation, Set, Setting, & Integration

Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, sleep therapy & neurofeedback
are covered by most insurance providers as counselling.
Call your provider to check for coverage. I am certified by the
Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists
Member # 3115

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Hi L, Your capacity to care and support is amazing.
— C

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I have been asked by Lincoln Stoller to write about his work, his brilliant ideas, and the help he is able to give. His thoughts often help those who are looking to become more sure of themselves and find optimism as well as joy. If you do not take some time to study and read his works, you will miss out on this way of growth and understanding of your own self.

Joining his small groups and reading his ideas will induce creative thoughts and open new insights. Get what is available from Lincoln, even his voice has healing tones and helps clear confusion and pain. Those looking for self change will be glad to take in what Lincoln has to share. Your peace and health can be improved.

Best wishes to all,
Ann Hallock, LCSW, ret.

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    Dr. Lincoln Stoller

    PhD physicist, CHt certified hypnotherapist, CCPCPr-candidate clinical counselor, trained in neurofeedback.
    Release and open your mind; become stronger and more satisfied.
    Life is a keyboard: compose.

    Curing addresses ailments.

    Healing builds strength.

    Learning unfolds understanding.

    Enlightenment is purpose.

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    Remotely or in-person.
    (250) 885 – 8677


    More about doing what’s right, and less about undoing what’s wrong.

    Let your intellect address what your emotions advise.

    Learn brain control. It’s neurological.

    Find out who you are.

    Medical Hypnosis

    Learn to recognize and tune your body’s rhythms for faster healing and fewer complications.

    The state of your brain affects your mind, and your mind affects your body;

    The goal is not just to feel better, it’s to feel great!


    Your awareness is limited by your perceptions, and you can train your brain to perceive more.

    Integrate meaningful past and present issues through trance, therapy, and exploration.

    Find new potential for peace, gratitude, and personal growth.

    Neurofeedback tunes brain rhythms, which determine awareness, focus, and clarity.

    This improves insight, motor coordination, working memory, and creative expression.

    Your ability is limited by how well your brain works, and you can train your brain to work better.

    Sleep as Energy

    Attitude, emotions, diet, exercise, dream work, and body energetics all play a role.

    Sleep quality is more about the flexibility of your brain than anything else.

    Brain flexibility is the third “half” of our life that most of us overlook.

    Sleep is a combination of body, mind, AND brain…

    bring these THREE halves together!

    Learning is Important

    Learning is more than skills, it’s a way to free yourself from restrictive ideas, habits, and rituals.

    Learning is brain training, and targeted brain training can enhance learning.

    Learning is the key to lasting change; you become what you learn.

    Real world solutions to help you live better






    Medical hypnosis:  feel & heal the body, relieve the mind.

    Emotional counseling: build awareness, meaning, & communication.

    Brain Training:  control thoughts & emotions, focus attention.