Healing is more than dealing with the past, and progress is more than creating the future.
Whether psychological, medical, or entrepreneurial, your integration involves all of your parts.
A whole solution releases your burdens, resolves your issues, and achieves your aspirations.

My clients are of all ages, from all backgrounds, and resolve issues of all sorts.
I foster change in a few sessions while other counselors and therapists cannot.
My experience is broader, training deeper, in years older, and spirit younger.

My specialty is sleep, altered states of mind, learning, growth, self-synchrony, and transformation.
I consider myself a mentor, coach, counselor, therapist, toy maker, and consultant.
On this site you will find books, articles, products, and services.
Questions, comments, and requests are welcome.

Holistic Practitioners
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    Dr. Lincoln Stoller

    Lincoln Stoller is a PhD quantum physicist, a CHt certified hypnotherapist, a widely trained neurofeedback therapist, and a CCPCP registered clinical counselor.
    My goal is to make you unstuck, help you change, open your mind, and to synchronize your growth.
    Life is a keyboard on which we compose and play our stories set to music.

    Curing addresses ailments. Healing builds strength. Learning unfolds understanding. Enlightenment is having purpose.

    Heal, Grow, Empower, Achieve

    Build strength & fulfill purpose.

    Can call me to schedule an appointment.
    We can work remotely or in person.
    (250) 885 – 8677


    Medical Hypnosis

    Medical hypnosis aligns you to medical procedures and to your recovery. Accepting your true feelings attunes you to your body’s rhythms to heal faster, reduce complications, and get stronger. Your mind’s power over your body is hardly appreciated. You can do for yourself the things that many drugs do for you, and actually much, much more. The goal is not to feel better, it is to feel great!

    Hear your body’s needs, prepare for surgery, learn to promote recovery, dissolve pain, resolve chronic habits, and transcend beliefs of physical limitation. Medical hypnotism enlists the only authority who actually manages all of your healing: yourself!

    Start Feeling Great Again


    Spiritual Therapy

    Spiritual therapy involves existential issues, trance, therapy, and regression.

    • Trance and psychedelic work enables you to view life from the largest perspective.
    • Parts work allows you to hear, appreciate, and support all of your voices; the parts of your ego.
    • Regression explores the past, reshapes the present, and renews the future. Beyond-memory experiences give you a sense of wholeness beyond mind, a purpose beyond history, and a place where we heal and unite our hearts.

    Finding purpose gives you new potential for deep gratitude. Purpose provides you a key, the motivation to defy illness. Health is a process of deep listening, continuous exploration, and personal growth.

    Discover Your Path


    Neurofeedback and Hypnosis

    Neurofeedback shows you the underlying rhythms of your brain, rhythms that determine your awareness, focus, and clarity in basic thinking. Neurofeedback allows you to hone skills in areas so basic that we mistakenly think they define us and cannot be changed: emotional balance, insight, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.

    Increase your skills in problem solving, recognition, motor coordination, short term memory, and artistic expression. Develop positive habits, strengthen relationships, enlarge your focus, heighten your awareness, and open your creative mind.

    Develop Your Strengths


    Learn to Sleep, Learn to Live

    This 8-Step program combines neurology, hypnotherapy, sleep science, and body energetics to overcome insomnia. Go well beyond the medieval tools of sleep laboratories and sleep psychology. Prepare for sleep as restoration, and dreams as opportunity. Let sleep be a world of beauty and resolution embracing you with fanfare.

    Wake up and join the other half of your life!

    For the Rest of Your Life!


    Learning New Truths

    Learning new truths frees the mind and the body of old habits, rituals and ideas that have held you back. Listen to the stories of fantastic learners. Understand things as system, how systems work, and explore our social organism.  Authentic learning is the key to lasting change. Services are provided through guidance, mentorship and training to individuals, families, groups, and businesses.

    Develop Your Mind
    The Mind, Strength, Balance Blog

    Real world solutions to help you live better



    Medical hypnotherapy heals the body using the power of the mind, and reconnects the body through the mind.

    Spiritual hypnosis, regression, and parts therapy create self awareness and restore communication at the deepest levels.

    Neurofeedback trains your body and your mind to achieve flexible balance and focused attention in every area of life.