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Audio Product Catalog

This is a complete list of hypnotic induction products that can be purchased or freely downloaded from this site. Each product has between 1 and 3 separate inductions, each between 15- and 25-minutes long.

Click on a title to learn more, listen to a sample, and order the product. After purchasing you’ll be sent a receipt with a link or links to download the MP3 file(s).

DO NOT listen to hypnotic inductions while driving a car or operating machinery!

Leaving the World
Explores how your imagination can change how you feel, connecting you with the power to change your emotions.

Liver Connection
Enhances your perception of yourself from a place of clarity and purity, strengthening your sense and control things flowing clearly and smoothly.

On the Subject of Pain
Creates flexibility of sensation in order for you to better manipulate it. With the ability to amplify sensation comes the ability to diminish it and, with practice, dispose of it.

Smoking Cessation
To remember and deeply establish the material presented in an individual session on smoking cessation.

A Simple Personality
Enhances the connection between parts of yourself for greater strength in times of need. To create collaboration between, and a recognition of the importance of all strong feelings.

The Body Electric: Circuit 1
One exploration to build awareness of the body’s circulation of, and sensitivity to energy flow. A basis for developing greater interoception.

The Body Electric: Circuit 1 &2
Two explorations to build awareness of the body’s circulation of, and sensitivity to energy flow. Circuit sensitivity should be developed before sensitivity to frequency or resonance.

The Body Electric: Frequency 1 & 2
Two explorations to build awareness of brain frequencies associated with body processes and states of awareness. Frequency sensitivity should be developed before resonance sensitivity because the resonance is between frequencies.

The Body Electric: Resonance 1, 2 & 3
Three explorations to build awareness of resonance, a concept fundamental to the existence of matter, life, and consciousness. Circuit and frequency sensitivity are prerequisite, and should be practiced before resonance.

Being Convinced
Takes you to a place of feelings of certainty. An emotional place beyond thoughts and words, in the realm of sentiment and sensation.

To locate your creativity within your emotional landscape. To explore the mood of curiosity, wonder, and insight.

Seeing Stars
To build a greater sense of place in ancestral time and astronomical space. To put things into perspective. To be listened to while sitting beneath a starry sky.

Vertical Relaxation
To expand your spatial awareness and sense of tempo to better engage with, and to better direct the activity of things around you.

Frequencies for Sleep: Heart and Breath Rhythms
Two visualizations to better establish your engagement with important sleep rhythms: the first your pulse, the second your breath.

Intentions for Sleep
A 25-minute exploration of the issues of nighttime consciousness, taken from the organ clock of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the mental issues these organs are said to deal with.

Night Flight
Sleep-inducing images of beach, surf, ocean, air, atmosphere, and space that ask you to be a bather, a fish, a bird, the air, and a listener to everything..

A guided visualization designed to put you to sleep, or back to sleep, using one of hypnotism’s oddest phenomena: the rapid trance induction.

Still Water
Leads you through 4 steps in changing your state of mind. The steps are recognition, disengagement, relaxation, and comfort.

There and Back
Expands your sense of self by enlarging the scope of your ideas, memories, and feelings. It empowers you to grow in new ways.

Thinking Healing, Reason and Emotion
Steps you toward embracing your individuality, away from the normal, toward the unique. This involves your coordination thoughts and feelings.

A 25-minute guided visualization to help you regain the honesty, innocence, and emotion of your childhood.

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