Of Animals and Avatars


Create a trio of allies who can grow in strength and stature as you work with them, representing energies that can act on your behalf in dreams.


Of Animals and Avatars is dreaming exercise, part of my Dreaming For Life, dreamwork series.

The purpose of this piece is to create a trio of allies who can grow in strength, representing energies that can act on your behalf in realms where your conscious mind does not go. They will grow into guiding archetypes.

These allies attract the strengths you need, which you already possess to some degree. They will grow to more greatly embody these strengths, providing powers you need for yourself. Their presence, separate from you, will allow you to go incognito into the weaker, thinner, more needy realms of yourself where old things are, and have existed for a long time.

I will lead you on a program to create these allies. It has three stages, the first works with your body, the second works with your intellect, and the third with your emotions.

Of Animals and Avatars – Audio Preview

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This is a hypnotic induction. DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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