On the Subject of Pain


Create flexibility of sensation in order for you to better manipulate it. With the ability to amplify sensation comes the ability to diminish it and, with practice, dispose of it.


This 20-minute audio file is a guided visualization explaining by example the hypnotic approach to pain and pain relief.

“Hypnotic pain relief uses your memory, associations, and situation. Like bright paint, Pain is glaring, but you can strip it off. It’s something you can overrule, though you must to be judicious since pain may be your last warning before injury.”

In this demonstration we’ll create a sensation in order to manipulate it. You can create sensation, amplify it, diminish it, and dispose of it. And when we’re finished, you’ll feel better than you did before.

DO NOT listen to this audio files while operating machinery or where at risk of distracting attention.


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