Earth Connection


Build a connection to grounded emotion and calm, wordless awareness.


Earth Connection is a hypnotic sleep induction. It builds a connection to grounded emotion and calm, wordless awareness. It’s object is to open, calm, and relax you in order to put you into an state of elevated calm. Sleep will come not by fatigue but with preparation and even an anticipation of rest, health, and restoration.

Insomnia, for most people, is the result of a disquiet mind. And the mind is disquiet because it’s unable to shift out of ruminating and cogitating. It can’t stop fussing. It doesn’t know how to.

Earth Connection asks you to think about the meaning of the sensations in your body, and to recognize that these feelings underlie your state all the time. It does not deny your issues, it directs you to see them as a smaller part of a larger pattern, one you cannot see unless you slow down to sleep.

Earth Connection – Audio Preview

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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