Locate your creativity within your emotional landscape. Explore the mood of curiosity, wonder, and insight.


This is a guided visualization to engage your creativity. Creativity comes from feelings, and feelings are not taught. But they can be, and in this visualization I show you how.

We’re taught mechanical solutions that can’t tap our emotional power. We solve emotional problems by becoming engaged, guided, and secure in our emotional landscape. A large landscape uniquely ours that can’t be navigated with someone else’s compass. We’ll take this opportunity to explore the creative power of your emotions.

We’ll start be creating sensations and then using them to expand your awareness. Then, we’ll move from feeling as a sensation, to feeling as an emotion. Finally, we’ll apply this to an issue that you feel requires your intellect. Sensations, perceptions, open awareness, and then elements from intellect. Mixing these together with flexibility and association.

The goal of this is not a finished solution, but the creation of new wonders, new avenues that may bear their own fruit. The kind of insights and inclinations that underlie all innovation.

Innovation – Audio Preview

Listen to Innovation to intentionally change in your cognitive habits.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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