Create a solid place to work from. A the first step in building empathy.


Security is an exercise from the Making Empathy series.

The exercise is to become more adept at managing, exploring, and exposing emotions. Security is an exploration of stability. To clean off the emotional stage and give yourself a place to work from.

This visualization takes you to a time of sensitive feelings, and from that time, to connect with an emotional sense of security.

Memory is not really a record of what happened, it’s what you recall, and what you recall has as much to do with where you’re going as it does with where you’ve been.

All the wonder and the mysteries are puzzles to be explored and you are fearless, satisfied, and content. You are loved and secure. You are yourself but you are not separate. Your parents are with you always. They are there outside you and you feel them inside you, like arms and legs. They are attached to you, and you love them and you love yourself. You are contained.

Security – Audio Preview

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This is a hypnotic induction. DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!




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