A Child’s Drawing


Enlist your subconscious to help you address the issues of your day. Work with your dreams to expand your archetypes and create larger possibilities.


A Child’s Drawing is dreaming exercise, part of my Dreaming For Life, dreamwork series.

Your conscious mind thinks in simple terms of symbols and contrasts whereas the world is not so simple or straightforward. You get caught in those patterns built on symbolic events, episodes, and characters. These “small traumas” form the building blocks of your ideas and ideals.

Your subconscious paints in broader strokes, keeping all the drafts and recording all the possibilities. I would like to enlist the help of your subconscious in teaching you to paint more broadly and think more widely and more wisely. To see possibilities you otherwise overlook, and appreciate people you might otherwise dismiss.

A Child’s Drawing asks you to consider an issue of concern and portray it as drama of characters and symbols. It asks you to enlist your subconscious through dreams that review, expand, and deepen these characters to give you both a larger picture and greater detail.

A Child’s Drawing – Audio Preview

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This is a hypnotic induction. DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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