Dream As You Intend


Remember your dreams by asking your subconscious mind to help you understand its more complex way of thinking.


You dream all the time. You’re dreaming now, but it’s going on behind the scenes. Your dreaming mind is not just hidden from conscious thought, it operates differently from your conscious mind. Engaging with your dreams—playing a role in the question and answer of dreaming—requires you to release your obsession with how you’ve decided things are.

Your subconscious has limited patience with your limited point of view. The complex meaning of things—such as appears in your dreams—has to be explained to you, over and over again, and even then you don’t get it. For your subconscious to work with your conscious mind takes a lot of energy that it hardly has time for.

Dream As You Intend is a guided visualization that asks your subconscious to be patient with you, with your small thinking, and your narrow experience. It asks this much wider, more complex mind to teach you a deeper understanding.

Dream As You Intend – Audio Preview

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This is a hypnotic induction. DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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