Vertical Relaxation


Expand your spatial awareness and sense of tempo to better engage and better direct the activity of things around you.


Trance generally disconnects us and we think of it as sedating, but hyper-focus is also a trance state, and it is one that is active and alert. In this piece I’d like you to expand alertness to reach a more aware state.

There are several aspects to awareness which you don’t generally consider. These are an awareness of the things around you, the edges of your awareness, and your own rhythm. The structure of your environment has a resonance, a frequency that’s natural to it, and you are pulled toward it. If you can conduct that frequency, then you can direct the activity of things in your environment.

Vertical Relaxation – Audio Preview

Vertical Relaxation asks you to expand your awareness in space and time. These ideas are considered further in the blog post Three Forms of Stress.

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DO NOT listen to this guided visualization if you are operating machinery, driving a car, or doing anything that requires your attention!


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