The Gut Part I – Stomach


Deepen your body awareness to better understand the stomach as an aware organ with emotional connections.


The goal of this self-hypnosis visualization is to bring the central nervous system and the enteric nervous system into alignment by focusing on the physical processes handled by the stomach and the emotional signals generated by the gut.

The three parts of The Gut series are the stomach, upper, and lower intestines. Each playing a different role in digestion, emotion, and immunity. The stomach is presumed the most mechanical and emotional of these three. (See The Gut Part 2 and The Gut Part 3)

Stomach approaches the stomach as playing an intelligent, discriminating role in digestion, going beyond the simple tasks of agitation, acidification, and food storage. Stomach encourages you to understand the stomach as an aware organ with emotional connections whose appreciations require a deeper, body awareness.

The Gut Part I – Stomach – Audio Preview

The ideas in The Gut Part I – Stomach are considered in the blog post COVID-19 and Your Stomach.

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