Empathy, Contrasts I


Ground your empathetic feelings in the contrasts: Creativity/Reason, Significance/Isolation, Body/Exposure, and Comfort/Protection.


Empathy is the key to collaboration and understanding. There are different kinds of understanding so there must be different kinds of empathy. The goal of this self-hypnosis visualization is to create empathy.

“Contrasts I” is a self-hypnosis induction that asks you to build feelings around the contrast between these word pairs:

Creativity <—> Reason
Significance <—> Isolation
Body <—> Exposure
Comfort <—> Protection

The greater your skill at evoking your feelings, the greater will be your ability to empathize in situations of these kinds.

Empathy, Contrasts I – Audio Preview

The ideas in Empathy, Contrasts I are considered in the blog post Empathy VII – Thought and Feeling.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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