Waking Up The Possible


A simple template for transformation. Three steps to finding a new understanding, a new reality. Three simple steps you can do in your sleep.


Waking Up The Possible is an exercise from the Building Dreams section of my Dreaming For Life series.

This visualization offers a simple template you can take to heart. It shows you three steps to finding a new understanding, a new reality.

First, draw a line between yourself and what you’re invested in. Then, create a view of what you’d like to have happen and who you are in that. Last, move into the unknown where little exists and anything is possible. Three simple steps that you can take to almost anything. Three simple steps, so easy that you will do them in your sleep…

For every issue there are three realms or points of view, and we exist in all of them simultaneously. They are the realm of what is, the realm of what you’d like there to be, and the realm of the unknown.

Waking Up The Possible – Audio Preview

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This is a hypnotic induction. DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!




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