Surface of the Water


A hypnotic sleep induction that connects you with a larger scope, a larger time, and an expanded awareness.


Surface of the Water is a hypnotic sleep induction. It takes a trip with your family and yourself to visit the ocean, and to go into the ocean. It slows you down to respond to the waves of the sea.

Beyond quieting the mind, Surface of the Water asks you to enlarge your mind. To tune down your sensitivity so that you can hear the longest, lowest waves that are below your hearing and below your thinking.

Surface of the Water takes you to the engine room of sleep which, like a control tower, is dark with illuminated displays. This is a good place to ask the larger questions, such as why you’re here, and how can sleep help you. It’s about becoming more sensitive and remembering.

Surface of the Water – Audio Preview

After purchasing this audio you’ll be sent a receipt with a link that will enable you to download the MP3 file.

DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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