A visualization to put you to sleep, or back to sleep, using one of hypnotism’s oddest phenomena: the rapid trance induction.


Woodpecker is a 16-minute guided visualization designed to put you to sleep. It first sets you up, and then knocks you out. It’s a demonstration of one of hypnotism’s oddest phenomena: the rapid trance. Not everyone is vulnerable, so it may not knock you out outright, but it will take you an important step toward sleep.

Woodpecker-Audio Preview

Listen to Woodpecker if you cannot fall asleep, or if you wake up and cannot get back to sleep. The ideas behind Woodpecker are explained in the blog post To Put You To Sleep.

After purchasing this audio you’ll be sent a receipt with a link that will enable you to download the MP3 file.

DO NOT listen to Woodpecker if you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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