Unwinding the Negative


Build your skill in relaxing. Ground your awareness of being empowered, positive, safe, and goal oriented.


Unwinding the Negative is a guided visualization to a relaxed state, to build your skill in relaxing, and to ground you in an awareness of being empowered, positive, safe, and goal-oriented.

Listen to this visualization to locate your grounded state. You’ll find that you can return to this state more quickly once you become familiar with it. From this state, all things have a more stable perspective. You have better judgment and a better sense of direction.

This March 25, 2020 piece is part of my COVID-19 Chronicles, which include pieces to boost your immunity both to disease, social manipulation, and catastrophic thinking.

Unwinding the Negative – Audio Preview

The ideas in Unwinding the Negative are considered in the blog post COIVD-19, Become an Activist.

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DO NOT listen to this recording while you’re driving a car or operating machinery!


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