Thinking Healing, Reason and Emotion


Embrace your individuality, Move away from the normal, toward the unique. Coordinate your thoughts and feelings.


There are certain features of thinking that enable a person to gain control of their nervous system and body, and with this control one can effect healing with greater strength and to a greater degree than “normal.” Understand that medicine these days is all about normal, both returning you to normal, and treating you as if you should be normal, and this “normal” is not your normal, it’s the population’s normal, as in average. Developing in this way will not enable you to do what normal people can’t. I focus on the abnormal: the good and powerful that is not only unusual, but opens the limits of your potential.

Thinking Healing, Reason and Emotion is one step along this path. It is an important step that involves coordination between thought and feelings. If you find this exercise difficult, then it definitely is an important step for you. If you find this exercise easy, then it will be a sweet tour through the rose garden of your imagination.

Thinking Healing, Reason and Emotion – Audio Preview

Listen to Thinking Healing, Reason and Emotion to intentionally change in your health.

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